When You Watch a Game Video on YouTube Then It Recommends a Video with a Spoiler Title


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Sometimes it's just the video makers being kinda dumb. One channel made a video covering games with the best false endings. Well, how are you supposed to warn off people on that one? If you list off the games that they are going to spoil, they've already spoiled them! In my case, the thumbnail made it clear that the game I was currently playing was a game they were going to cover - so the fake ending didn't fake me out at all.
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I watched one video on Jedi Survivor and then I was scrolling through and saw a video with a title that spoiled the ending. You can't watch anything anymore without recommended videos popping up and ruining it.

Yeah that's not surprising really because YouTube is rife with viewers and channels that are anxious and competing to show the very latest content. Probably one of the biggest reasons some channels generate so much income in fact is they show content before others do. And of course YT is going to add fuel to the fire with recommended vids showing spoilers because they think anyone watching those channels want that, and it no doubt exponentially raises the ad space value for them. Honestly, if you don't want spoilers, avoid YT, or be cautious using it.

You CAN get little to none of the invasive recommendations if you stick to the channels of those whom created the content, such as the EA Star Wars channel, but you are often times going to be limited to shorter clips that might not show extended gameplay.
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You CAN get little to none of the invasive recommendations
Another way is to stick to channels you're subscribed to—which obviously have a track record of not spoiling. That's what I do with sports, and it works well.

Best way to do this is to make your subs your YT shortcut, which anyone can do with this link:

Even with this tho, I can still get spoilers from the YT recommends in the rightmost column :(
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