Question When you finish a game, do you watch all the closing credits scroll?

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Yep! In the States, the names are scattered over the nation. Some names are a little more common in some areas where a lot of immigrants came in, but it's getting hard to pick out. Looking through those, I can figure out that at least one of my friend's 32 great great great grandparents came from Poland or some such. W00t!
Not really, no. In my let's plays I tend to let the credits roll for 'archival purposes', as I like to look back at older games and cover them as extensively as I can through that medium. But for personal play, only if there's an achievement and I'm generally not watching them as such.

I do however like when games allow you to mess around with the credits, like tap letters and names and cause them to disintegrate, crumble or explode, or you can shoot them like Space Invaders. It's rare you'll find a game that has such things these days, but it's appreciated when I get the chance.


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