What's the most memorable boxed copy you have?

Boxed games, in general, are a thing from the past. But even today you can get special editions, some of them boxed with goodies. So, what's the most special one? That one game that you'll save in a fire (after your cat, wife and children offcourse. But not necessarily in that order :D)
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Well, Tomb Raider's box was a funky shape, which was neat. That's the only one I remember at all, though. I threw out all my boxes years ago. A few more have built up since but only a few. I can't even think of any box art that impressed me much. (Well, not in a positive way, anyway.)
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Jul 13, 2020
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I still have boxed copy with a thick manual for World of Warcraft.
Every time i take it in my hands it acts like a brief nostalgia portal and fills me with such joy.
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