What weapon/build are you going for in Elden Ring?

I noticed @Kaamos_Llama asking about weapon/build in this post, so I thought it would be fun to make a thread about just that.

Share your stuff guys!:)

I'm not 100% sure about my build yet. Right now I am a lancer and shield kind of guy, but that might change in the future as I find better weapons. I also would not mind a better bow and digging deeper into a bow build. I am using a Partisan +2 after I changed it from my old +4 mace. It got a good range and I find it useful when I get attacked by several enemies at once. My shield is nothing special, but I got two different charms that buff my guard and focus. The rest of my gear is random outfits that is a bit heavy on the load right now so I'll be changing them soon or find some more golden runes to up my endurance slightly.

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Hero Armor because I started with it and I haven't found anything as light or lighter that looks better yet.

I was happy to find the Lordsworn Great sword near the start. I find Great swords that have a sweep for an R1 do nice damage to bosses and larger enemies but also work well for crowd control against groups of smaller enemies. Stagger is a massive bonus as well. Doesn't seem to matter as much in Elden ring but when they have a straight poke attack on the R2 its great for small corridors when you find attacks can get bounced off walls. I've never really used the weapon arts much, or even magic or faith in any DS game, I applied some ashes to make the Lordsworn GS heavy because I have more strength than dex still so it does slightly more damage that way, dont remember which one.

Bow for luring, Leather shield because I haven't found anything better yet that can also parry.

I also just started using the Hooked Blades for dual wield as a second weapon as theyre also fun.

Most points into strength, though I started putting towards dex for a quality build because of the Hooked Blades. Faith, Arcane, and Mind dump stats on this char, might try a sorcerer or cleric build later, but I've tried before in the older games and I always end up switching to melee.

For ashes summoning ashes I like the 3 doggos so far, although I havent experimented a lot with others. No idea if what Im doing is efficient, just have to wait and see.
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The hooked blades seem super OP where I'm at when dual wielding them, the bleed damage is serious and they hit super quickly to build it up.

Also found a small metal shield, its golden I forget the name. Much easier to land parries with, I get them at least 30% of the time now when I try :p
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I've been rocking the bulls horns and I liked the look of the Astrologers robes, as well as the fact they are pretty light.

Currently using a +12 Lordsworn Great Sword either 2 hand or with the Guilded Iron Shield for parrying when possible and + 11 Hooked Blades for the bleed and speed still. Started working up a Battle Hammer too as
I came across a crystalline boss who really didnt take much damage from either of my options, although I still won

Also sometimes using an Inverted Hawk heater shield on certain bosses for the 100% physical resist. Its a bit less useful for this char because he doesn't have a huge amount of endurance (15) so his guard gets broken fairly easily.

I've found that unlike in previous games, I can swing the GS about 5 times before running out of stamina with relatively low endurance. Its more than enough as most times max 3 hits kills basic mobs and larger mobs and bosses dont let you wail on them unanswered more than a couple of hits anyway. Same thing with rolling, hardly ever find I'm out of stam. Sprinting doesnt use much endurance anymore, and if theres a long way to run youre on the horse. Could change later!
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The Dominula Windmill Village reminds me of zombie Midsommar and the area with the worm faced creatures around the minor Erdtree on Altus plateau is messed up. Creepy as any straight horror game.

On topic I'm using the same GS but I changed to Carian Knights armor and I'm wearing a silly pointed hat I found. Still using same weapons.

Wish you could extract the smithing stones from your weapon in the same way you can use a larval tear to respec stats, I would have tried out a lot of different weapons if the game allowed it without grinding.
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That village is really weird and the Midsommar mention is spot on! Would be kind of cool if you could also get madness by walking through it.

Good point on the smithing stones. Weapon levels seem a bit unbalanced like you can kill the Tree Sentinel outside the beginning area, but his Golden Halberd drop has 30 in str, making you have to focus on str build early on if you want to use it (or just have it take up space until end game) or as you pointed out: grind. I'm grinding a lot myself because I want to try out weapons and not wait for NG+. Still, I don't find myself overpowered by any means, only Limegrave being the zone I can easily plow through. I don't play offline/exploit the game by any means, so the runes I do get are purely from killing mobs over and over again which I also feel is kind of intended as you do die...A LOT.

My build has changed a little and right now I am using:

- Royal Remains Set: Heals a little when you are under 18% HP and looks amazing.
- Still using my Partisan (+8 now) with Glintstone Pebble spell, which I find good for breaking poise on enemies, most of the time with only 3 strikes.
- Reduvia +6 dagger I find pretty decent. Not the best melee reach, but fast, gives bleeding and has a cool weapons skill, takes very little FP, and shoots out blood from a good distance.
- My trusted Brass Shield +7 because it got 100% Physical and I combine it from time to time with the two guarding talismans that grant poise and extra guarding ability.
- Jellyfish shield I find really cool to use because of its transparency and it gives 10% extra dmg while glowing red under the ability.
- I must love shields, for I also use the Icon Shield a lot. I'm too low level to use it properly, but the healing ability it got works and helps me when I am out of flasks or need to save some.
- If I need some extra stats I do use Radagon's Scarseal and Mottled Necklace, but it also makes me a little squishy.
- My favorite summons (I had so much FP as a low level while my Vigor/Endurance was laughable) is Banished Knight Engvall +3 (100FP) that I found while adventuring in them harder zones and stubborn as I am, I HAD to be able to use it.
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