Question What was the first Online Game you played ??

Aug 15, 2021
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My first online games were free games on a web game, I played them at an internet cafe, and at that time I was 9 years old. how about you guys? tell me your story!


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Does LAN count as an online play? :) If yes, then it was Quake 1 played on computers connected with a LAN cable somewhere around 1998. It was my first contact with a game that could be played online with others. The first fully online focused game that I played with others over the internet was Unreal Tournament 2004 in 2004 or 2005. So it was quite a late experience for me. :)
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I played a few chess games v an online friend on some website maybe a decade ago. Otherwise I haven't bothered.

I looked into Command and Conquer / Red Alert in the late 90s, but the penchant for every contest being a rush turned me off—I wanted a strategy contest, not a fast click tussle.

Since then, the reports of cheating and toxic communities have kept me away.

I don't see any advantages compared to single play—I have no need to prove myself or beat the game, my only objective is to enjoy the experience.
Aug 10, 2021
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i have always stayed away from online gaming as i process information and language very slowly, its always been single player bots for me, my first big PC game was probably soldier of fortune special edition on single player during the late nineties.

however,i came across a game not that long ago with rather unique graphics - on steam called 'meadow' where you get to play as an animal of some form, the communication is done in symbols and its community is disability friendly-absolutely lovely people.
Well, it started on consoles for me. I had PC back in the day but it was never online or against anyone. So my first online game had to be Mech Assault and Ghost Recon/Ghost Recon: Island Thunder. First wave of "xbox live" and it was fun af. Still see the same toxic chat today as i did then too lol. Got really good at GR and was high ranking on clanbattles back in the day too.

As for PC? Id say it was Quake 3/Counter Strike 1.6 sometime between 2004-2005 when i was in college and went to a couple LAN parties, i believe that those were the first ones we played. I had previously played Counter-Strike on the original xbox but that was sometime after my initial iteration of online play.
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Once you figure out how to beat a machine, it's beaten and will stay beaten forever
Oh gosh no—unless that's what you want, of course.

Try a Command & Conquer skirmish v up to 7 hard opponents!
Play Civ4 at the level beyond which you can win.
Take a knife to a gunfight in a shooter—ie don't put the BFGs in your loadout.

There are loads of ways to make a game very difficult or impossible if that's what you want. But as I said, what I want is an enjoyable experience, whatever that means on the day—steamroll to victory, test a new approach, be challenged, etc…

Very unlikely to be able to find such flexibility on demand in online play.
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Play Civ4 at the level beyond which you can win.
Which means you haven't figured out how to beat it. I'm talking about when you find the inevitable holes in the AI so you can beat it whenever you want. You can hobble yourself to try and find some other way to beat it, but the satisfaction is going to go down more and more.

Playing a human, even the same human over and over, is very different. You'll both know strategies that have worked before but, unlike an AI, you don't know which is going to work. You'll need to out-think and second-guess each other. And, no matter what works this time, it's pretty unlikely to work next time. Computers, on the other hand, never learn.

At least not yet. When GalCiv 3 was in development, Stardock was toying with the idea of tracking what strategies were and were not working on a server that would then having the game pull from that server. They didn't do it but maybe someday....
Which means you haven't figured out how to beat it
That's not the case with Civ4. There are a few people in the world capable of beating the top Deity difficulty regularly, but I have zero interest in even trying Deity or the next level down, Immortal. Both require playing in a way which negates any reason to play the game and reduce each turn to 'Solve for X'. Wonderful if that's what you want to do, and congrats to those few who've managed it.

Playing the next level down Emperor is where you can win by playing the game in a non-artificial way. Not because I'd figured out how to beat it, but because I'd figured out how to play the game well in a natural way. I used to win around 2 out of 3 games.

the satisfaction is going to go down more and more
Not for me. As I said, I don't need to beat a game or be challenged or some other monotone objective. My satisfaction is all about whatever I feel like on the day.

Anyway, to each hir own :)
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