What is your greatest Gaming achievement?

Dec 12, 2022
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My biggest gaming achievement was back in 1987, when they had a gaming competition with the Commodore 64 and Shooter "Sanxion" from Thalamus. I came late to the competition, and the tickets had gone. I sat at one of the Commodore 64s they had for practicing, and I started passing the levels one by one before the competition started. One guy, seeing how good I was, shared his ticket, and with it I was able to get into the competition. I have started and won the competition. The winner of the prize back in the dayz will get a prize of 20.000 drachmas and one Commodore 1541 floppy disk drive. They were amazing moments in gaming and in my life in general, guys! Keep gaming....
The one that sticks in my mind was completing Ghouls and Ghosts on the Megadrive. I say completing it, but as you have to play through the game twice to reach the end, I technically only completed half of it. Even still, it's probably the hardest game I completed, and I would have been quite young.
Don’t have any major achievements, never been good enough to compete seriously and I quit really hard games way too easily :ROFLMAO:

I used to be very good at BF3 back in the day, constantly placing in the top 3 of my team with maybe ~12 kills and 40 deaths… I was the one who actually played the objective all the time and would rather stealth capture an enemy base than mow down 20 of them in a helicopter lol. It always made me feel proud that I could be in the top 3 without having to get the most kills. I felt like a more integral part of the team than the dude who is max level with 70 kills 10 deaths.
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Mine is in the similar thread from 2021:

I'm still top of that leaderboard 🏆 18 months later, and 2,3,4 on the 3 side games—so yeah, nice.




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