What game are you most addicted too?

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Journey... its my avatar, I can't listen to game music without wanting to play game. But I am resisting by not owning a console that can play it and not buying it on Steam.

Apart from that, generally its what ever game I am playing at time. But I go long periods inbetween games to make up for it.


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Competitive multiplayer games are where I develop unhealthy addictions:

Rocket League
COD Warzone

They're the games I love the most but also induce the most rage. Especially Warzone and Rocket League - I've never had such hatred for games I loved so much.
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I used to play MMO all the time. literally all the time, if I wasn't asleep I was playing. When you play for all night and the sun comes up and its too soon, you probably addicted. That was Age of Conan. Only thing that stopped me playing was getting everything I wanted on 1 character, and not really having a purpose in life after that. Was an odd game, melee played completely different to magic, and it was simpler to play magic classes as most of their attacks were 1 button, not key combos, so I played a healing class (sort of - link ). I don't think it exists anymore and I wouldn't know my logon anyway.
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