Question What do you want to see next for strategy / simulation?


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Jan 13, 2020
Are you looking forward to Frostpunk 2 or Hard West 2? Hoping for Cities: Skylines 2? Tropico 7? Anno XXXX? Surviving Mars 2? Factorio 2? Offworld Trading Company 2? X-Com 3? Rimworld 2? Planet Coaster 2? Two Point _________?

What games do you want in this genre, even if it doesn't exist as a franchise already?
Frostpunk 2 for sure, really liked the first game, so I'd definitely like to see what 11bit comes up with next. Its already out but I'm looking forward to trying Old World when it goes on a sale, I've got quite into Crusader Kings 3 and a mashup of Civ and CK sounds very interesting.

Also keeping tabs on when The Iron Oath and Wartales come out of early access to see how they develop. Been looking for something that expands on Battle Brothers for a while, I keep going back to the original for now as its still great.
In order of preference:

C&C Generals 2.

Remakester™ of C&C Generals + Zero hour.

Remakester™ of C&C Tiberian Sun & Red Alert 2, + expansions.

Old World finish issuing DLCs, the Oganesson Edition goes on sale.

Humankind get fixed, finish issuing DLCs, the Oganesson Edition goes on sale.

Royal Envoy 4 release.

Supreme Commander 3 announced.

Civilization VII announces it will be called Civ7.
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I've been keeping an eye on Dune: Spice Wars. It looks very board game-y and I think it would be great to play with friends. It has a whole bunch of ways to screw with people and to backstab them, which is much more impactful (and fun) against real people. However, that means I'll have to wait until we get a second computer before I actually get to play it with my wife, which will probably take a few more years.
May 22, 2022
I sort of want to see more of all those you mentioned...

but we really don't need a rimworldWarcrimes simulator 2 yet. 😂 just DLCs probably at this point going forward.

Remakester™ of C&C Generals + Zero hour.
I also want to see more of the C&C Generals line of games.

made me sad that they cancelled the generals 2 game. 😑
sad that they cancelled the generals 2 game
Hey thanks, hadn't seen that video before. It's a shame there hasn't been a Generals 2, but if the rumors are true—that it was to be free and loaded with MTX—then it's a good thing it was cancelled. That would have tarnished the C&C name too much—there's plenty of community goodwill to get past C&C4, but not a second disaster straight afterwards.
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