What do you think of the new GamesMaster?


Seems like a show that could play on G4! Thanks for sharing.

PC Gamer needs to run some sort of contest/giveaway to present its own "golden joystick".

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haven't watched it myself but i did watch it back in the 90s. Won't lie, it did get progressively worse by the last series when we reached N64, the same with the magazine. looking at the trailers i can't honestly say i'm thrilled or all that excited. I'll try and have a look when i have time.

Asobi Quang DX

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Nov 30, 2021
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New Gamesmaster really has captured the feel of the original, it's enjoyable, funny, and has had some great challenges, as well as contestants.
The hosts work well, Rab, Frankie and Ty are all likeable. And Trevor McDonald as Gamesmaster is an inspired choice, he is nailing the comedy in the line delivery.
Bring on more episodes I say.