Weekend Question: What games deserve their own Snyder Cut?

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Dec 9, 2019
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I ask the PCG staff a regular Weekend Question and post the answers on the site. If you'd like to throw in an answer here, I'll squeeze the best into the finished article!

This week's question is: What games deserve their own Snyder Cut?

Jorge wants to see the Kojima cut of Metal Gear Solid 5. What games do you think deserve the equivalent of an indulgent four-hour director's cut to bring them back to their creators' original vision, with cut content restored and whatever other changes are necessary?


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Xenosaga. It came out on Playstation 2 and was supposed to be a series of six games to act as a spiritual successor to Xenogears. Instead, it got crunched down into three games with the last game trying to tie up all the plot threads at a crazy rate. I would love to play it as originally intended with six games in the series, plus Xenogears, all on PC.


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Max Payne 3. Beat it multiple times and got all the golden guns. Would be interesting to see how the game would have turned out if Remedy retained the IP. Maybe there were some design / story ideas that got cut featuring that signature Remedy flavor. Regardless, the game could've been a director's cut of Man on Fire itself. I want more Payne!
There's not many games I bother playing through more than once, I actually feel that most games could do with more editing rather than less.

One exception is Dark Souls. The second half of the first game is a bit disappointing compared to everything up to the end of Anor Londo, providing you follow the path of least resistance obviously.

I remember hearing that they started to be pushed for time which lead to Lost Izilith and some later areas being rushed. If that was the case I'd love to see what the team that made that game would come up with given infinite time and resources to make it exactly how they wanted all the way through.
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There are several older games that I still play, that had rushed releases for various reasons, had content cut, and quite a few bugs, but given a theoretical directors cut treatment, with cut content and features restored (and bugs fixed), could be great games. Actually, a couple of them are already great (in my opinion), but that's mainly due to either mods, or non-official patches from a dedicated fan base.

Gothic 3: This had the potential to be Piranha Bytes "Witcher 3" game. Incomplete content and massive amounts of bugs due to a rushed release by then developer JoWooD (who was subsequently dumped by PB). A community patch fixes a lot of this, but I would love to see PB completely remake this game as they originally intended. Won't ever happen of course, but in a year with several remasters/remakes of older games, I'd love it.

Knights of the Old Republic 2: Released far too soon with so much cut content, could've been a great game, and also deserves a "directors cut edition" made by the original developer, Obsidian.

Fallout New Vegas: Even without a directors cut, it's still, arguably, the best of the 1st person perspective Fallouts. Made even better with ongoing mod support. But it was still rushed to final release too soon, and suffered from lots of cut content (and bugs). Also developed by Obsidian. I feel bad for them, they've really gotten into some bad situations in the past, but really make great games.
Rage (2011, id Software, Bethesda Softworks). This title was basically a mix of Borderlands & Fallout. I feel like this game, at least on PC, never got the full passion of typical id Software. Even today, if you fire it up on Steam, you're presented with texture pop-in and blurry textures out of the box. The game feels unfinished in some areas, polished in others, and has a pretty abrupt ending. Some of the character models are well done, such as Loosum and Sarah in the DLC, but many of the enemies look the same (I think every enemy in the game is a male, lol) and have the same voice actor. Overall I enjoyed it, but would love to see a refresh with the original vision.


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