Weekend Question: If you were a companion in an RPG, what class would you be?


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May 3, 2022
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Back again to ask the PCG staff and forums a regular Weekend Question for a feature on the site. I'll include some of the best responses here with the ones from our writers.

This week's question is: If you were a companion in an RPG, what class would you be?

RPG classes often feel like a bit of a personality quiz, letting us choose the fantasy we'd like to embody, but what if you got all isekai'd into one and had to make do? Most of us, if we're being honest, would be level one commoners with six hit points, but let's play around in this space and give ourselves the benefit of the doubt. I enjoy playing thieves, but I'm strong and clumsy, so I'd probably make a better human fighter you meet in the first town who tanks the early dungeons. Who do you think you'd be, slotted into an adventuring party?
I'd fall into a magician class of some sort. Namely because I'll disappear when it gets heavy and show up again in time to celebrate the win.

No, but seriously, I'd go magician because most of everything else feels too human-like. It's like eating at the same joints on vacation that you can at home; give me something different, something I can't do already.
Fantasy: assuming the arcane language used for casting spells is just Latin, I'd be a wizard. Not that I remember much from the six years of Latin I had in high school, but there's probably still enough knowledge floating in my brain to get a good head start.

Science Fiction: anti-tech tech specialist. As a tech specialist, I would know exactly how unreliable most tech is and would never trust any of it. For example, I could reliably defeat any AI by posing it a paradoxical question.

Post-apocalyptic: Scientist and repair guy. I'm not actually good at either, but I just happen to find a database containing a huge selection of manuals and DIY/how-to books.
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