Question warzone crashing fault or my pc?

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Apr 1, 2021
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hi, 1st time post. not long moved from xbox to pc. friend was selling his so decided why not for the price.
i seem to crash alot on warzone (no pc crash, just back to desktop).
ive done the usual hunt on the internet and done all the known fixes. run the game on low everything at 1080 getting about 70-90fps . still seems to crash out often.
i know the game has its issues but 2 friends i play with dont crash on pc (they have higher spec). I know just upgrade it will solve the issue but if its just one thing i can look at changing then it would be better for me as i have a baby en route. already upgraded cpu from i5 - i7.
spec is as follows :
i7 6700
evga 1060 6gb
500w psu
16gb corsair vengeance ram ( 2 8gb sticks)
gigabyte motherboard ( have to stick with skylake cpu)

any ideas? psu not being powerful enough, cpu?......godknows,
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