Upgrading my PowerSpec G313 Help!

May 17, 2020
Hello all,

new to the forum

I have a PowerSpec G313 gaming desktop i purchased a couple years ago. I mainly use it for Call of Duty Warzone and Regular multiplayer. not really having much issues with it now but i do lag a bit on load out screens and such, i want to be able to run this game on the highest settings without any kind of lag or interference. I was considering buying an alienware aurora R8 set up for 1600 but if i can just get help with a build path on here and save some money that would be awesome!

PowerSpec G313 Desktop Computer
Intel Core i5-6600K Processor 3.5GHz;
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 8GB GDDR5 VR Ready;

Thank you!!
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May 17, 2020
I have 400mbs internet speed but I still lag for frames on load out screens and such and I do have slight lag in the game sometimes. Not a lot but sometimes. I’m only playing first person shooters such as call of duty and overwatch so I just wanted to upgrade whatever I needed to upgrade along with things to go along with it if I needed to do power supply or anything else if I upgraded the processor or graphics card or something. I’m a complete newbie so was just looking for some guidance
Feb 17, 2020
Your system shouldn't be struggling, so before buying things we need to work out what is causing the problem

Either because it will tell you what to buy - or more likely I suspect because you don't need to buy anything and it's fixable on your current system.

If I were you, I would download and install MSI Afterburner, and run it with the On Screen Display.
Showing CPU temperatures, frequencies, and the load on each core - not just overall CPU load.
Also GPU load and temperature
Framerate, frame time, and disk activity.

That sounds like a lot but it's easy to configure - you install the software (MSI AB + the Rivatuner Statistics Server that is bundled with it > open it > click the 'cog' icon to open settings > click the monitoring tab > select each thing you want displayed in turn and check the "show in onscreen display" box > click apply/ok. For Frametime, also select 'graph' instead of 'text' from the drop down. You can set hotkeys to show/hide the OSD during games under the On Screen Display tab.

Play the games, with the OSD active. When you get 'lag', see what is happening. Maybe post some screenshots (you can post images to imgur and then link here).

Also when running the games, keep Task Manager open. When you get 'lag' look and see what is using your system resources. Is there another program that is using your CPU or storage drive, for instance, that is causing the 'lag'?

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