Question Upgrade pc this year?

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Well im currently putting a new PC together and i say its worth it IF you know how to shop for deals and build to what you are going to use it for and not overextending your budget or making a pc thats "overkill".

For me its strictly gaming and i want to future proof it for as long as my current build has been future proofed for (going on 7 years and it still runs like a beast) but i need it. I am currently running an i7-4790k with a 3070ti lol. So there is bottlenecking for sure.

My first step was getting the GPU, this is the hardest part to do in the current state of building PCs today imo. I didnt buy anything else until i secured a card.

The only real expensive components for PC building atm to me are GPU's and thats due to the fact that you cant FIND the newest GPU's without breaking the bank because they are so much more expensive than usual because of the whole silicon/chip shortage the world is experiencing at the moment, but when it comes to RAM, SSD's, NVM.E'S, CPU coolers, PSU's, peripherals etc. ive found that they are relatively priced and usually wind up on sale.

I've only currently purchased my case, ram and cpu cooler. I havent broken the bank doing that and the ram was on sale that i bought (32gb of DDR4 3600mhz for 170), case was 120 and the CPU cooler was 110 (there are cheaper CPU coolers that are really great like the 212 EVO thats around 50 bucks), all reasonable prices that you'd expect to pay for i believe.
Jul 4, 2021
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Hello guys,
I want to ask question : is it worth it to upgrade my pc this year? because I heard news that many pc components price has increased. I use it for gaming and 3d modeling.
Thanks and I really appreciate your advice.

as long as your pc is fine and can still be used to play, I don't think it's necessary


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