unlimited data 10mbit's

May 19, 2021

I am having a prepayplan from Vodafone Ireland which allows me to habe unlimited Data as well as in the EU/Swizerland and some carribian destinations.

Do you think I can play with this speed?
data doesn't tell us anything about speed.

data is just how much you can download, it doesn't tell you anything about how fast it communicates. You can have endless data and its pointless if your speed is too slow to use it.
is it megabits or megabytes, there is a difference

8 bits in a byte, so 10 megabits isn't as much as it sounds. Telecom companies like to mix them up but really, 10 megabits = 1,2 megabytes
not nearly as much as it first seems

you might be able to game on it, i have had slower connections.
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