Involvment in internet gaming [survey]

Jun 8, 2024
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Hello! I am a psychology student and I am conducting a study which aims to assess the involvement in Internet games, part of my license thesis project, taking into account the following aspects:
  • Answers are 100% anonymous (no identifying data is collected);
  • Confidentiality is assured;
  • By completing the battery of questionnaires, you provide informed consent for the use of data for scientific purposes;
  • There are no right or wrong answers;
  • The average completion time is about 10 minutes;
  • Answers will be used for academic purposes only.
I would greatly appreciate if you could help me by filling out this Google Forms! 🤍
Welcome to the forum :)

Your link is on Google forms, which auto-logs into Google account. Since Google is an advertising company, they live off hoovering up our data-eg it won't let me log out of my account to do your survey.

Anyone who wishes to do the survey without having responses available to Google, open the link in Incognito/Private mode—right-click it, should be in resulting browser popup menu.

Survey seems legit-done, always happy to help students and researchers. Took me 14 minutes at a leisurely pace.
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