Feature Ubisoft is working on an open world Star Wars game - what do you want to see?

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Apr 25, 2020
Will there just be one open world, or multiple open worlds? A single world would probably be boring, but Mass Effect Andromeda showed how difficult it is to make multiple smaller open worlds.

Hopefully it's a bounty hunter game in which you have to search out and kill targets, like Assassin's Creed's Order of the Ancients.
Aug 24, 2020
instead of one giant open world like say Breath of the Wild, I think it would be neat if they had several smaller worlds (planets) that you could openly fly between in a space ship, including having space battles out there.

Other than that, I'd like to see it be sort of a role playing sandbox game.. where you could do missions either as a smugger, jedi, crime lord, fighter pilot, soldier in the army, etc.. The less cutscenes and the looser the story ,the better, I just want a sandbox to play in.
Jan 14, 2020
I hope they will be able to resist the temptation to base the game around Jedi again. That's been done, and often fairly well. Jedi: Fallen Order was as good a game about Jedi that's not an RPG we're likely to ever see.

If it's the team behind The Division that's making this game, how about a cross between Republic Commando and The Mandalorian, but set in an open world? It could have character classes and the same kind of drop-in, drop-out coop that made The Division great. I actually liked both entries in that franchise and I think it's mostly very well done, it just didn't need the loot grind. The cover based shooting could lend itself well to a game like this. Third-person cover shooting mixed with more active movement mechanics worked in Mass Effect so why not here? Scrounging together a set of armor from various parts and building/upgrading weapons could also make for an interesting and varied combat system. Imagine running around with a blaster pistol, one of those shock trooper beatsticks and a bowcaster for a sniper rifle.

It could even take a page out of Destiny's playbook and feature a shared open world with world events, strikes/raids and side stuff like pod racing (rather than sparrow racing). They just need to steer clear from all the microtransaction nonsense, but it's Ubisoft so you know they won't be able to resist. Particularly when the license is such a cash cow.

Also, this is the Star Wars universe. Don't make it shiny, make it lived-in and scrappy.
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Feb 2, 2020
I want an open world where there are infinite worlds. I know this would be hard but I think this is worth a try. =)


Jan 17, 2020
Yeah a smooth (and complete) Star-Citizen-like set in star wars universe would be good.

Or maybe a remake of Galaxies. I never got to play it but I heard good things.
Jan 14, 2021
Open World. (on and off planets)

HIGHLY customizable:
-physical features
-lightsaber & weapon crafting
-ship mods and variations
-light or dark side paths

Job/destiny options:
-bounty hunter
-Jedi, Sith

-lightsaber dismemberment
-world affected your actions

Ability to have a follower or followers (apprentice)

Old or High Republic Era.
Single Player.
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Jan 14, 2020
Some of the wishlists sound like "Star Wars Citizen." (Though I don't blame 'em.)

Since it's Ubisoft, my expectations are... not as high as they might have otherwise been.

Here's my list of dema-- I mean, what I'd like to see:

- A fog of war-enshrouded mini-map that doesn't reveal metric crapton of POI's to me from the get-go, or even when I'm "high enough" to magically see everything.

- A non-static world. I don't want to know where I can find Jawa traders at any time, for example. The only NPC's I'd want staying in place are those that would have done so in the story anyway (i.e., Yoda on Dagobah, that sort of thing.)

- A non-canon world, or at least one that hasn't been explored in much detail in either the movies or TV shows (or other games for that matter). I don't want Ubisoft shackled by the established lore, nor do I want to know what to expect from the world in question. (Or have expectations only for them to not be met.)

- I want a world that knows about the Star Wars lore and deals with it, but isn't entrenched in the main storyline. I don't want to have to deal with a one-sided interaction with Darth Vader. (The only exception would be if it were simply a hologram or recording.)

- I don't want to be A Chosen One, or fulfilling a prophecy or any of that. I want to be a bounty hunter, or a smuggler, or a trader, or a soldier, or a spy, or a mechanic, or... maaaaybe a Force-sensitive whatever, but not a Jedi. We have plenty of games where you can be a Jedi, I don't need to see Ubi's version of that.

- Don't try to simulate a working economy, or universe, an ecosystem or mechanic devices, or whatever else. The Star Wars lore doesn't lend itself to "simulation" in my opinion. There's too much of it that exists outside of any meaningful definition of that. I don't want to know how much Bantha poodoo I have to burn to melt scrap metal to forge a gaffi stick.

- Related to this, I don't want a crafting system. Maybe a rudimentary one for very specific classes for whom it would make sense to have a special ability, but whether it's singleplayer or multiplayer, I don't want my spy to have to know how to build from scratch, nor do I want to spend the bulk of my time picking up every rock, discarded blaster casing, plant, and dead tiny CGI animal to build up a vast supply of materials. There are plenty of games that let me do this, I don't need or want this in Star Wars.

- No multiple planets. I think they should focus on fleshing out one planet, and maybe the immediate orbit. Perhaps the entire star system, provided any other orbital objects are ships, asteroids, moons, or dead and/or inhospitable planets, maybe with some quests on them but not in a truly "open" sense. (A scripted event could send you to them, maybe even just have a sweep pan and you're there.) Sequels can worry about other planets. If they try to do too much, it won't be enough.

- John Williams soundtrack as much as they can afford. Preferably new music if they can convince him, but I'd settle for familiar refrains as long as they're not super specific motifs like Yoda's Theme or Han and Leia's theme. And if they can't get John Williams, get a soundalike or someone who can evoke the same feelings. To me a third of Star Wars' charm is the music, and without it, it's just not Star Wars to me. (I would also accept the composer of The Mandalorian soundtrack, if the game goes that direction.)

Beyond all that, I imagine it would be standard Ubisoft fare, but I mean, if they didn't want that, they probably shouldn't task Ubisoft with making it.
Apr 4, 2020
Music is soooo important, i can relate. Currently I'm playing Terminator Resistance. An 'ok' game, but the music really drags you in. Without the original T2 soundtrack, this game wouldn't have been that decent. Creating atmosphere is everything.


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Jan 14, 2020
I'd love to see a Star Wars game that's similar to recent Assassin's Creed games. What I mean is an RPG set in an open world. Probably Ubisoft won't go so far and we'll get an open world game, but not necessarily an RPG. Still I'm quite excited to hear more about this game. There's a potential here for the best Star Wars licensed game in history. I hope they don't screw it up. :)
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Jan 19, 2021
Let's take the Darth Bane trilogy (books), Mass Effect Trilogy, Witcher 3, and some Final Fantasy 7 and smash it together. I want to be able to go from planet to planet as a sith (personal choice), but would love to see jedi, and bounty hunter options as well. I want to scour the universe searching for ancient holocrons and dark/light secrets of powerful sith or jedi. I want to use my force powers to do seemingly impossible (or unthinkable) things, and that's just a start. The witcher 3 had action, story, and secrets around every corner. Mass effect trilogy had choices that mattered (minus the ending), and a crew you really came to love. Final fantasy 7 had teammates you loved and a story that sucked you in completely. I want an adventure with the force as the central aspect. Light/Dark/Both, whatever, but choices and character customization is key. Another space battle game or the rebels aspect is just tired and needs shelved. Although that's just my opinion. Oh, and single player and looooong game length. I mean, if you're going to do open world Star Wars, then the skies the limit.
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Dec 20, 2020
QUESTION: I recently read that this game will release after the Avatar game. But when will the Avatar game release?