The times I almost cracked my monitor and short circuited my PC

To small stories about being extremely lucky:

Two days ago I managed to flip my beer glass on my table while playing a game and while cleaning up the spills I managed to bump my computer screen and it fell over my beer glass. The thick glass shattered by the impact and I was certain my screen would be cracked or at least a little damaged. I lifted the screen and to my amazement, there was no mark at all.

The other time I got a vase with a lot of roses for my birthday. I thought it would be nice to have in on top of my tower, you know because I am stupid. Soooo, yeah. Guess what happened? Well, I decided one day to clean under the vase and lifted it up with one hand. It cracked and water got spilled over my tower, table, and floor. I also cut myself two places, so I had that to be worried about also. The luck part of the story is that I had one of the tower panels removed on my PC so I could get more airflow and by some miracle, none of the water got inside the PC!. Also, the water on the table did not reach my keyboard or mouse. I'm a little wiser now, so I only have my headset placed on the tower, haha!:)

Ever been extremely lucky or perhaps unlucky with your PC parts?
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@Frindis safe to say you should keep anything glass away from your desktop!
I believe i've shared this story in the forum before:

There was a time a desktop of mine was taken to a friends to which he decided to leave on the floor. His dog urinated on it, after drying it out as best I could the machine finally worked again although the PSU died a week later and the front of the case got quite rusty.

Looking over at my tower now I appeared to have left my Vodka and orange resting on top!


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Nov 25, 2019
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I was putting together my second PC. This time it was going to be different. The thermal paste was going to be applied properly and evenly. My cabling would be neat and organized. I got enough fans to properly cool the beast, and had made sure of my game plan to install windows. None of the mistakes of the past would be made again!

I went to turn it on for the first time, and nothing happens. I check every connection, every cable, made sure nothing was lose, but still nothing. I was stumped and looked down at my wrist, and found to my horror that I had forgotten to attach my anti-static wrist guard. The motherboard had fried and I'd have to wait another 2 weeks to get a replacement 😭