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Not me. I think I posted a couple of months ago that I'm done with FC3, after playing a few more hours—uninstalled after being a constant on my PC for a decade. 4 and especially 5 are so much different and better in a lot of ways, so I'll leave 3 in its venerable historical shrine :)

You can do All Sorts of things with Liquorice/Licorice but if someone doesnt like the flavour theres nothing that will make it work. Except maybe if there are hints of it in a good strong Porter :)

No heresy committed, just your opinion. I realize that not everyone likes the 1st person Fallout games, but those 3 games (FO3, FONV, & FO4) have given me thousands of hours of immersion and enjoyment without ever getting bored, but that's just from my perspective. They each have their own individual strengths & weaknesses, and while the game mechanics, animations and visual detail are less than what we'd see in current games, I still find them preferable to newer titles.

I have the same opinion about Mass Effect Legendary (which I'm currently playing). They're still basically the same 3 ME games released years ago with updated graphics. I've been playing the originals for years now and never get tired or bored with them. The arching storyline through 3 games of Shepard, the unique character personalities & interactions (with excellent voice acting) is something I've rarely found in today's games. Again, just my personal opinion.

Played FO3 on release, and liked it OK for the amount of time I played it even if I didnt come close to finishing it. seems about 40 hours of some things is about my limit for some reason. When Mass Effect released I didnt have money to buy a GPU with Pixel Shader 3.0, I remember that specifically because I had the same problem with Bioshock, except I had a PS3 to play that on instead. Disappointing I didnt play it closer to the time as I'd have probably got into it more.
my list is easy - Almost all of them

I guess I have finished a few games in my time, accidentally in some cases.
I try to play games that don't end, or at least, the end is so far away its not going to get in my way of fun.
and even then, I might return to games I have finished to play again. Torchlight 2, and Journey fall into this category. TL2 I had to set new targets for myself after a while, get to lvl 100 without dying was the main one.
I don't care about finishing games, more likely to stop before the end. Or the end is just sooo hard to achieve... Sacred 2, never finished it... well, I finished story but game doesn't end there. I never hit lvl 200.
Well, I could probably write a short novella on how many games this happens to :LOL:. There are two primary reasons:

(1) If I stop having fun with a game I will just drop it. I don't care if I'm on the final boss/dungeon/quest. There's too much stuff I want to get to and gaming is supposed to be fun.

(2) I get sidetracked onto something else and I either never come back or when I do come back I just can't get back into the groove of the game.

Some recent examples are Batman Arkham Origins & Arkham Knight. I grabbed them for super cheap at some point and I just simply can't get into them. I think they are high quality games overall, but for whatever reason I just can't* get into superhero stuff. The immersion just isn't there for me.

Dying Light is a game that this may end up happening to as well. I'm around 3-4 hours in and I got sidetracked on to some other stuff and I'm just not getting pulled back really. I'm not completely sure why because the game is definitely not bad, but I just haven't felt the urge to go back.
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Lost Horizon

91% Positive on Steam.
I gave this PnC adventure ~10 hours, but it's become a slog without enjoyment so I'm consigning it to the Hidden category. Going by the Steam rating tho, that's likely on me—for true PnC fans, this is a good one.

Art style is nice and the voice acting is good. The puzzles in the first act are easy, as indicated by me getting thru them. From Act 2 onwards tho, they get obtuse and tedious, for which I no longer have the patience or interest. I needed a walkthru for ~half of them.

What I especially detest is the inability to do/get/see something until you go elsewhere and then come back—and the travel is generally slow, often requiring clicking thru 2-4 screens. Some of the inventory combos required to solve a puzzle had me shaking my head.

It's definitely a likeable game, there's a kind of Indiana Jones charm to it, and I really wanted to like it. If you're a PnC aficionado, like I was one time, definitely give it a shot.
I suppose i'll add a couple more:

Defenders quest : valley of the forgotten. - Technically i beat it. I got the bad ending but i didn't finish the true ending and play the last level. just as i was about to play it, they released a new update that made everything look pretty etc. It also had performance issues and caused my game file to keep crashing. So no play sadly.

Fallout - The original fallout game. I got about 80% of the way got to the mutant base and promptly hit a brick wall. The mutants were too tough. i even used the infinite money trick gambling my way to the top buying the best gear and it was still not enough. I had hoped my AI buddies would be more use but alas no. Got to the point where i was outnumbered and outgunned. Decided to call it quits as i had other games to play. Plus the odd crash was testing my patience.

Deathroad to canada - another roguelike, another game i didn't finish because it was a roguelike.

Dungeon warfare - great idea and well executed. Got a bit tedious near the end as it became too difficult and i had played too much. Might go back to it one day or maybe play the sequel.

Fist full of gun. - Arcadey roguelike game. Like any roguelike i lost patience with it. The arcadey bullet hell shooter meant my patience was even shorter. Might go back to it, provided the visuals don't do me in.
Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2

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Started that up, played an hour or so. Very linear and limited so far, basically just following my spotter and doing what he tells me—one of the mission objectives was even called 'Follow Diaz'! Not enjoying it at all, but will give it another hour to see if I get some agency.

Watched another ~30 minutes gameplay on YT, and very much the same. While you do part with Diaz, he's still in your ear with 'Go here, do that' stuff—last thing I need in a game is a honey-do list! Yeah, some female joins in the ear occupation game too :D

That's more than enough to make me dump the game, but there's the added kicker that all the game so far—and in the YT playthru—has been in the dark! My ancient eyesight isn't great, so I always go for a no-dark mod when I can—but I didn't find any mods for this game.

My preferences aside, the game is solid. Good graphics, good shooting, voice acting is okay. It's around 4-5 hours long, so good value on sale—it goes below $2.

I'm uninstalling and hiding.

ETA: Guess I'm unhiding and installing again! I forgot about the DLC I also have, and for some reason looked it up on Steam. Players generally rate it higher than base game, with a lot more agency for the player—and some daylight!
Sniper Ghost Warrior 2: Siberian Strike
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