The C64 - Anyone Pick One Up?


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In a deep fit of nostalgia for the Commodore 64 days, I'm anxiously awaiting picking up a C64. I've held off due to the circuitous route of getting one shipped to the US, plus wanting to be sure they were working as intended before taking the plunge.

Anyone pick it up yet? If so, what are your thoughts? Played anything other than the games that come with it?

I'd love to hear literally anything and everything.

Jan 16, 2020
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I haven't snagged one since trying the NES classic fell way short of my desire for a retro-console. They just can't recapture the nostalgic feeling of pulling out the disks and waiting 20 minutes for it to load.
And that probably explains why I have to desire to actually get the hardware. I already EMU everything and I can get right into the nostalgia without all the connectors and changing TV inputs. Though there was something special about that input slider box back in the day... Hmm... Is there a HDMI input changer in the shape of those old boxes anywhere? Off to delve the googles again...


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