Question RPG/game recommendation, please and thank you!

Jul 16, 2020
Hello everyone!

I'm brand spankin' new to this site/forum. I'm not a returning member with a new account nor have I lurked any given amount of time before posting. I'm always on the search for new games and I made a decision to pursue an appropriate forum to ask for recommendations, voila, here I am.

To note: I literally just bought my first gaming PC about two months ago (lappy top, potato/tomato, amirite?). If it's necessary to know, my riggy should run most anything out there (MSI GL65 Leopard 10th gen. i7 2.something gHz, 16GB ram, RTX2060, and plenty of SSD storage, etc etc). Before this, I was exclusively a console dweeb mostly playing on zee Xbox One. I'm posting in the RPG sub-section because I believe the type of game I'm looking for primarily will be an RPG. What type you ask? Let's discuss.

I've played a great deal (perhaps even most) of the AAA titles out there. It would take a great deal of effort to remember everything I've played, suffice to say, I'll just post a little of what I'm looking for and you peoples can chime in if you desire with the recs.

I'm looking for an action/adventure/RPG, the first thing that may come to mind would be Elder Scrolls or Fallout, but I've played all of those titles (sans the OG titles prior to console releases). Other games like these I've really enjoyed include, but may not be limited to, Risen, Two Worlds (1>2), Dishonored 2, Witcher (2 & 3), DragonAge (all of them), Dragon's Dogma (although I may re-pick this up since it's on sale at the moment on Steam), Kingdoms of Amalur, Outer Worlds, Kingdom Come Deliverance (this was great), Mass Effects (meh, I prefer fantasy...or post apocalyptic stuff over Sci Fi), Monster Hunter World... but also really enjoyed titles like Divinity 2, Pillars of Eternity, Diablo III, Wasteland...I'm currently playing Guild Wars 2 (though this has been an in-between since I've played SO much these last few weeks). Stuff like that.

I guess more specifically I enjoy the freedom to explore, break into NPC's homes and loot them, having a nice magic system is always a plus (I prefer Thief/Mage classes over most). I realize that this inquisition is difficult to deliver on since I've played a great deal of the games available with my requested features. Part of me is considering re-purchasing Skyrim or Fallout 4 and just playing with mods (though I've never done this before...and I just missed out on that Summer sale, lame).

What do you guys think? Can anyone help? I don't mind indie games. Graphics don't have to be the best so long as the game itself is prime. I thought a great game would be if "That Time I got Reincarnated into a Slime" was an action-RPG, that would be neato. Thanks for reading my girthy first post!



OsaX Nymloth

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Jan 29, 2020
Fallout 1 and 2 aka the only True Fallouts (yes, I can't stand what Bethesda did to the brand) if you never played them. Works fine with widescreen mod.

Pathfinder: Kingmaker
Baldur's Gate saga
Icewind Dale
Planescape: Torment
Torment: Tides of Numenera
Neverwinter Nights 2

Some other great games, but since you prefer fantasy they may not fall into your taste:
  • Deus Ex series
  • Prey (the newest one)

Never played Dark Souls game? It's action RPG, but with fantastic world building, atmosphere and great gameplay

From lesser possible gems, some of them are a bit different kind of cRPG
  • Evil Island
  • Alpha Protocol
  • Arx Fatalis
  • Legend of Grimrock 2
  • Hand of Fate 2
  • Lichdom Battlemage
  • Operencia: The Stolen Sun
  • Vaporum
  • Wastelands 2
Jul 16, 2020
Thank you for the discussion and recommendations! I started looking into some of them whilst watching Deadpool 2. A lot of them look promising though I notice a lot are similar to that of Diablo-esque games. While those are fantastic I suppose I'm looking for more of those like you mentioned in that 2nd list (in terms of aRPG's, I'm currently playing Grim Dawn, fun stuff). Some of those I've played but you did remind me of Hand of Fate (which I remember from Xbox) and I'm gonna go buy that tonight cause it's great.

Do any of those you mentioned give you the ability to roam freely and enjoy a sense of independence such as those games I previously mentioned? (Fallout, Outerworlds, Kingdom Come, Elderscrolls).

Keep 'em comin'!
Jul 16, 2020
Right on, guys! I added a bunch of these recommendations to my wishlist.

Some of these I've played and completely forgot about! I remember playing Arcania on Xbox but I put Gothic 3 in my wishlist because it sounds like it might be neat.

Horizon Zero looks neat but isn't out until next month it looks like. I remember playing Thief and enjoying that as well so I put that in the list as well.

During that Summer sale I was trying to decide between Mount and Blade 2 and Mordau, I went with the latter because I thought it might be more to my liking. It's... aight, but gets old.

I played the original Metro and purchase Metro Redux (haven't played it yet) but Exodus looks like it's much more in depth, neat!

These recs are definitely what I was looking for. If anyone can think of anymore, I definitely appreciate it!
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Gothic 3 must be modded to make it work nicely, if I remember right. You might want to look at ELEX instead, though - same developer, newer game.

Speaking of modding, Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines was really fun but it MUST be modded. The original game was a bit of a mess. Graphics are kinda old but not bad, music is really great, and there's even good re-play value.

Yakuza 0 was a great game. The action side is more like a fighting game, which is a pretty rare thing. The main quest is pretty intense while the side quests are zany, so you can pop between serious and funny when you like. It's also got the most mini-games I've ever seen.

The Valkyria Chronicles series (1 and 4 on PC) is fun, almost like a 3D XCOM game. I'm not so sure about calling them JRPGs, though - they seem more like straight up squad-strategy to me. Anyway, their stories are a bit odd but the games are fun stuff.

The Knights of the Old Republic games are a bit old but plenty fun. Even with old graphics, light sabers and force lighting are sweet.

Prey is a great shooter/RPG hybrid ("immersive sim") game.

How are you with JRPGs? Final Fantasy 7 is my favorite but it's getting remade right now so it might not be the best time to buy it. Final Fantasy X is quite good, though.

A very oldy but goody would be Deus Ex. You can use mods to help the graphics a little but don't expect much on that front.

Oh, and if you liked Monster World, I believe the God Eater games are the same sort of game.

P.S. Some game needs to make "amirite" a kind of precious gem.

P.P.S. See! @MedicalMagus played Divinity 2! It isn't THAT rare! ;)
Jul 16, 2020
Ha! Love that idea on your post script!

JRPG's are great, I love most RPG's really. However, it's safe to say that my least favorite in that realm would be those with RTS systems, I dunno why, I just don't get into them as much. I just recently finished FF15 (I enjoyed it!) but didn't really get too into FF14 (MMO), but I'm also partial to Guild Wars 2 in terms of MMO's, I think it's an amazing game (also why I couldn't get into LOTRO).

Elex looks fantastic and I promptly put it on my wishlist (might even get that one close to first, it looks fun)!

Hey, God Eater is an Anime! I thought it was okay and I do enjoy playing Anime games (Attack on Titan comes to mind) and I've Stein's Gate in my wishlist as well. I see another rec for Prey, I looked at it but perhaps it warrants a closer look. I played the original and I remember having fun with it.

Divinity 2 is great. It's on my wishlist as well to have another run at it once it goes on sale.

Excellent recs! Keep 'em comin'!


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Even more!? Well, OK, but it's starting to get rougher.

Drakensang: The River of Time was fun. Not awesome but good.

Greedfall might be fun. At least I hope it is, because I bought it in the last Steam sale. Same story with Troubleshooter: Abandoned Children.

Pathfinder: Kingmaker is one a lot of people really like. I liked it at first but got really tired of it by the end. (I played it with the turn based mod, though, and managed to take 200 hours, so maybe I did that to myself?)

Beyond that, I have to start repeating others' recommendations (e.g. Assassin's Creed: Odyssey) or straying into the "kinda RPG'ish" territory (e.g. BattleTech and XCOM).
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Jan 22, 2020
Rather than retreading the same old ground with another Skyrim playthrough why not go back to the older games in the Elder Scrolls series?

Oblivion is really just Skyrim with potato faces, but the third in the series, Morrowind, is an enormous, open ended and unique game that's still worth playing. There are a few options for making it more playable on current tech and adding a few mod cons. I've heard good things about OpenMW, and Morrowind Rebirth gets a lot of write-ups on PCGamer so there must be something to it, maybe someone who's made more use of them could weigh in?

The prior game in the series, Daggerfall, is my standout favourite, as everyone on the forum is probably getting sick of hearing. It's absolutely enormous, and has basically every feature of the later games and more. The controls and mechanics feel very contemporary still, and the Unity port is effortless to run. Highly recommended.

If you're enjoying Grim Dawn, you can currently get Torchlight 2, my favourite isometric lootfest, for free on the Epic Game Store.

Other than that, take advantage of the unlimited backwards compatibility of the PC to check out modern and retro classics available from places like GOG;

- Darklands: sandbox rpg set in real world dark ages germany
- Jade Empire: set the mold for Bioware's design choices for the next decade
- Anachronox: PC exclusive sci fi western JRPG
- Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscure: absolute cult classic, true successor to Fallout
- Nox: magic-fuelled Diablo crossed with a twitch shooter
- Nethack/Angband/SLASH'EM: the holy trinity of Roguelikes IMO, but really just the tip of the ASCII-berg.
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Jul 16, 2020
I put Drakensang in the wishlist, looks okay to me!

I've played Morrowind and Oblivion, both on consoles of course. It's probably easy but I've never modded a game before, so I would need to research it a little more before I start delving into that realm. I've played Torchlight, don't know if I've played the sequel (isn't there a 3? Or is 2 the newest?) But I remember it being a lot of fun.

Of that list, Mazer, I was definitely most interested in Arcanum, that looks like fun! And the price is certainly right!

Thanks guys! I've got like 25 games on my wishlist now, haha! But I'll always take more! Don't be shy, hit me up! Heck, even if it's not exclusively a "traditional" RPG and maybe an action/adventure, I'm willing to look at it, especially if it's Fantasy, post-apocalyptic, or zombies in nature.

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Have you ever played Fable: The Lost Chapters? It's great, much better than the sequels in my opinion.

I can also recommend you check out Black & White. It's kind of a RPG, since you're roleplaying a God. The tutorial is a bit annoying, but the rest of the game is great. Still one of my favourites.

It isn't sold anywhere officially any more, but it's available on abandonware sites and I recently successfully installed it on a Windows 10 computer.

Another older game that might be interesting is Overlord, if you haven't played it on console yet.
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Jul 16, 2020
I've played Fable 1-3 but I don't know if I've played Lost Chapters. I enjoyed them all but I don't know how much replay enjoyment they have for me, per say.

I also found out this morning that, with my Xbox Game Pass, I apparently have access to a bunch of games on PC as well. So I'm downloading a few to check out as well.

I really appreciate everyone's input, it made me feel welcome so thank you!


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