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There's a very, very good reason to stick with consoles: simplicity. PC gaming is for people who really like gaming and are willing to spend time keeping track of video cards, SSDs, and motherboards. With a console you just buy it, put in the games that are made for it, and they work. (looks over at Cyberpunk) Mostly. That's reflected in the settings for games. There's no technology reason why consoles have such few settings in them, it's just a question of audience. PC gamers are willing to learn what antistrophic filtering is and can make good decisions on whether they personally like better shadows or higher resolution textures. Console gamers just want to play already!!
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very good reason to stick with consoles: simplicity
Don't forget price, consoles are a lot cheaper than a gaming PC, especially if you don't already have the peripherals. Of course that's mostly up-front price, the advantage diminishes over time with how cheap PC games are if you don't buy near launch.

My view is if you need a PC for other reasons, then PC gaming is a no-brainer—the extra cost to make it a gaming PC is relatively small.
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While the console is much easier to get into and cheaper, you can also look at the PC in similar ways. If you got enough moneyz, you could basically buy a costly computer (which many do) and have all you need for playing games for years to come. You do not really need to have any knowledge besides managing to hook the computer up, install the game, and a couple of drivers. This brings me to the second point: A lot of PC users need technical support because they have no clue what they are doing.
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