Question Steam Discovery Queue - Do you use it?

I have, but it's very rare. The few times I can remember using the Discovery Queue they were all games that I really had no interest in. I've found more games that I didn't know about by reading about them in the PCG magazine or an article on the web site, then looking up the game itself on Steam. I think it's a nice feature of Steam, and probably useful to gamers who play varied types of games, I've just got a pretty narrow focus of what games I like.


Community Contributor
I use it to get cards in the season sales, then try to get the badge for each sale. I think I've gotten almost all of them so far.

It's really rare to find a game I'm interested in the queue, though. I end up using it more to put games on my ignore list - which is also useful.

P.S. The current Steam sale's queue message is broken. It always says the queue has been done for the day.