Share your beloved Steam inventory item

Greeeeeeeetings community!

Some of you might have accumulated some items in your steam inventory after years as a user. This will be the place to share some of those really cool items that you worship for their awesomeness. You don't have to share your whole inventory, just clip a picture of an item you like and then share it with a little slice of history, perhaps what makes it so good for you.

Here are two from the Rust game inventory on Steam that I like a lot. I have tried to showcase them in-game, so you can better see how they look:

The door on the first floor is called the industrial door and not only is it a rare door, but you can see through the glass. This makes it pretty awesome for defending your base, getting a little glimpse of what is happening around you. Good for avoiding people camping your door, which is something a lot of people like to do in the game.

The Door on the second floor is called Glacial Visage Metal Door and I think it looks really cool. One of the best door glows in the game and it makes it also easy to navigate inside your base or while you are stumbling outside in dark.
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