Share the list of your favourite PC Games for 2024

Mar 6, 2024
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Hi dear members,

Let's share the favourite games of 2024. It will help us in the exploration of new ideas.

My favourite games for 2024 are:
  • Tekken 8
  • Avowed
  • Persona 3 Reload
  • Skull & Bones
Also share your favourite one for this year
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For me? Helldivers 2 has taken that spot. Its just so fun and it makes for some awesome and hilarious moments whether youre solo or not. Even with all the releases comin this year from some of my other favorites (Diablo 4, Dragons Dogma, Titafall?) I do not think Helldivers will lose out to being the best game of 2024 for me.
its like every "best X post" released at beginning of the year. Absolutely pointless as most of the year has yet to come. I don't know if you need to wait as long as Brian suggested but March is too soon.

I hate every video made in 1st six weeks of a year by click farmers who make "top 5 X" videos that all they contain is adverts for the products... they don't tell you anything.

Note: X above can be anything... games, movies, headphones, keyboards. All the same.

Diablo IV

That came out last year. People still play it? I guess we do have some here who live on in hope they fix all its problems before Blizzard is closed by Microsoft. What they did to inventory space was just stupid - it is main reason I stopped. Instead of making space something they could have sold people, adding more for everyone penalises everyone who looks at them in game. Meanwhile I have 20 tabs in Last Epoch...
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You all are absolutely brutal on new members sometimes.

Enshrouded and Palworld are my top two followed by Helldivers 2. The beginning of the year has been fantastic. I probably won't find this many games I really like the rest of the year, so I think it's a fair question to ask at this point. Nightingale is coming along, too. If 2024 stopped right now it would be better than any of the last few years for me.
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Sovereign Syndicate. It's a singleplayer steampunk RPG, came out in January. I wish more people would play it! I like Solium Infernum too, the strategy game set in Hell. (It's a remake, but one that's different enough to feel like a new game.)
I bought this but didn't actually install it until yesterday. Going to give it a shot later today. I've become a huge fan of steampunk. I keep getting AI to make steampunk pictures for me. Anyway, the game sounds interesting with the tarot cards and different playable characters.
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