Semi-Automate Price searching?


I’m spending ages going through websites etc looking for best prices on loads of different things I want to buy… and one thing I’m doing a lot is searching for one item on the same set of game store websites etc…. Then I move on to the next game or item description or sku etc….

There’s gotta be a way to speed this up?

And yes – I know there are aggregate sites but this is what I’m hoping to do ok.

I also do the same thing for other things like pc parts, headphones etc… on different websites etc. So it’s not just about gaming.

I’d love an easy way where I can change what sites and how many sites it searches at once?
I’m a quick learner, done some basic programming but I’m not a programmer for real.

Is there any safe code or website or way I can put in a sku or item description and tell it which sites to search so it will then search each site independently and show each store with its own webpage as normal with the search results for each?

Or some other way of doing it?
For games i've been using a price comparison website for games and comes with a large amount of useful data like the dates that the price dropped, graphs telling how the price of the game has increased decreased, what was the cheapest price ever etc. Hell, if you wanted to fire and forget you could set parameters for alerting for a price (notify when the price is xx% off or is selling for under a certain price). Even mentions any free deals as well!
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It's much better to search a site directly - with live current results
You mentioned that you're 'familiar' with scripting etc. You can set Excel up to bring in data from the web, and it's up to you how often you refresh it manually or via Task Scheduler. I've done proof of concept, and it really is very easy so give it a shot under
Data > Import > From web

If that doesn't do it, then the best automation is via Python, it seems to be one of its specialties.