SCORN first impressions


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I bit the bullet and finally subscribed to gamepass for PC. What was the game that pushed me to commit? Not Forza 5 or MS Flight Simulator, but SCORN.

As a big Alien movie fan as well as an HR Giger enthusiast I was dying to try it out, but the $35 price tag seemed a bit steep for the 5-6 hour experience I had been reading about. So for a first month fee of $1 I figured let's dive in.

My first impressions were good, love the minimal UI, the Giger-esque environments and the body horror that I'm sure will continue to ramp up throughout the game. Once I knew to expect a puzzler my expectations were appropriate and I came out of the first part of the game feeling like I did after jumping into a Frictional Games title like SOMA or Amnesia.

I look forward to playing more and finishing it. Anyone else here tried it yet?


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