PCG Article Giger-inspired horror shooter Scorn is delayed again

"Development hell is a term that is thrown around quite often. It should be used on projects that changed their core idea or scope mid-dev and can't adjust to," the studio wrote in a Kickstarter update. "That doesn't apply to our products for the most part. In our case, a lot of mistakes were made and will make more in the future, but it's a normal process for a new, inexperienced team...Everything that was done up until the middle of 2018 has been reworked, 90% of it completely scrapped."

I dunno, but saying it's not development hell just incompetence doesn't really fill me with confidence. Game was announced in 2014.
Hey! It's that game I see footage from every year or two!

Despite the cool art style I've never actually been interested in playing this one, I'm not a big FPS or Survival Horror guy in general, but I've still been curious about it on some level. Shame to hear the devs are struggling, it's clearly had a lot of work put into it.
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