Safely Removing Controllers - Does it really matter ?

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So do you really need to worry about Safely Removing your controller from Windows 11?
I mean it's not like it's a hard drive where you really should be concerned about it?

Can it really cause any problems if you don't do it properly ?

I have a Microsoft XBOX 360 Controller for Windows - if that's germane (I never get to use that weird 'reminds me of Michael Jackson' word in conversation - and it's not spelled the way I expected either) ?

BTW, I find it annoying that you can't simply go to the quick launch and Safely Remove controllers from there in the same way you would with a hard drive.

Is there any shortcut/quicker way to do this without having to go to Windows Settings every time?

Thank you for your help
I dunno man, I unplug everything besides flash drives and external drives and none of my stuff has ever messed up. My mouse, keyboard and headset are all USB and I unplug them every so often and it has never damaged them.

I only safely remove USB if it’s for any type of storage drive since data is moving in and out of it, I don’t want to corrupt it.
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