Riders Republic Review: Falls just short of shred heaven (PC Gamer Review)

Score 71

I haven't played it enough to give any proper insight into it, but my initial impressions were that the racing felt like a Flash game. There was no weight or momentum. Just an extreme arcade feel. But that might have been, at least partially, because I only did the first few races and maybe didn't get to more advanced tracks. Maybe I was going to slowly.

My favorite line in the review:

Play me a cover of Rollin' With My Homies performed by Mumford and Sons themselves if it means hitting the backtrack button actually rewinds the AI too, not just me.

Not only is the thought of that song hilarious, but when the game introduced rewind to me, I immediately used it to try it out (I never use rewind normally) and watched all the AI go streaming by me as my biker guy backed up. What the heck? I don't think that's the way it works in other games that use rewind.

Anyway, the game is available now, and if there's anyone else here dumb enough to have a Ubisoft+ sub, you might as well give it a try. The cringe-worthy dialogue and cliché set-ups don't really bother me. It's not on the same level as Japanese games like Monster Hunter: World and Final Fantasy.
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