Question Red QLED Asus MOBO

Dec 31, 2020
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CPU - AMD 3950X
GPU - 2080 TI
RAM - GSkill Trident Neo
PSU - Corsair SF750

Earlier today when I built my computer, it booted into BIOS fine but I had to disassemble once again to fix some cable managements / fix the m.2 slot.

When I finally put together my build together the following happened:
1. All fans (case fans, cpu cooler fans, and gpu) turns on full blast and never stops
2. RAM lights up
3. CPU starts warming up
4. PSU fan turns on but doesn’t run after the initial few seconds
5. Red QLED lights up, which indicates CPU (?) issues
6. After 20-30 seconds my computer shuts down

I have reseated the CPU and made sure all the pins were in tact and was in the correct orientation but I have yet to get my PC to work and finally turning to you all for assistance. Thanks!
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If you don't mind me asking is this your first build? I highly recommend watching some build videos on youtube, there are a ton and I can recommend some if you like. After you reseated the CPU did it boot up into the bios? To me this sounds like one of two things. One, something isn't seated properly like the ram. Secondly, There is an overheating issue. PC's will shut down if the CPU gets to hot, a form of self preservation if you will. If it were me I would watch some build vids, check the seating of the ram and all the cables. I would also clean the CPU, reapply thermal paste, and connect your cooler again. Side note some mobo's have a debug code display that will give you more info.


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