Red Dead 2 - Hype or Hyper-great?

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Jan 18, 2020
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It's crammed with a lot of detail and I certainly appreciate the love and passion that Rockstar put into their game. If nothing else, it's a beauty to beyond and it's fun to just go off exploring and doing random hunts.

The story is okay, but it didn't grasp me the way it seemed to do so for others. I felt that the pacing was slightly off (Chapter 5 seemed unnecessary) and that some of the missions were just redundant. I haven't finished yet though so maybe I haven't given it enough chance.

The controls though. Dear Lord! I hope Rockstar make them less clunky for future titles.
Jan 30, 2020
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I think this sums up my RDR2 experience:

Me: Oohh, additional holster, I'm gonna duel wield. Huh? Wait. What?
RDR2: No. No duel wield for you.
Me: What is going on here?
The Internet: You can't duel wield till level 25.
Me: Aargh!
Jan 17, 2020
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The SP portion (the part i bought it for) is fantastic, long, slow at times but exciting at others. There's no game in the world that has a greater polish or talent to the actors. You can tell Rockstar knows their strengths, but you can also tell they're a little blind to their weaknesses.

What are those weaknesses? like others have mentioned, the controls are often less than perfect, the systems of npc awareness often exaggerate. Maybe some of that is by design, but i can't tell you how many times i've intended to just gallop up to someone and they jump in front of me, to be killed by my horse and 20 minutes later i'm wanted dead or alive for a crime i didn't even intend. Sometimes the missions are so rigid that any deviation is counted as a failure, and this can include simply waiting a little too long to do a step. Honestly some of these bits seem outdated, like other open world games have since progressed but R*'s methodology hasn't.

All that said, all of those weaknesses piled together only amount for a mild reduction in overall entertainment. The game is still damn fun, able to entertain for any length of session, and as long as you're not in a mission the world is vast and always full of something new to discover.

Online, i've only just barely touched, but it seems like it might be worth diving into -- and for me that's really rare. Overall i would find it hard to believe anyone out there outright hated or didn't enjoy the game enough to recommend it at least on a sale, i'd say it is worth full price.
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Jan 14, 2020
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It sure was a great experience and it was one of the very few games where I get "it is over soon anxiety". I was in the epilogue and knew that the story will come to and end soon and so I stopped playing for a couple of days and played it in small bits in the end.

After finishing the epilogue today , I decided to go on the journey to visit all the grave sites in the game with Arthurs grave being the last one. I have uninstalled the game for now and I will probably play it again in half a year or so. There was still plenty of stuff to do, but it felt like a good time to say goodbye to the game for now and let it all sink a bit.


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Jan 13, 2020
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The Internet: You can't duel wield till level 25.
Me: Aargh!

You can, you just need to use gold to purchase the holster before you've rank-unlocked it. It's like 21 gold for the basic horsemanship off-hand holster. Most are probably better off just waiting until that rank and investing in a bolt-action rifle and pump-action shotgun.
Feb 12, 2020
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Red Dead 2 and Grand Theft Auto V are probably two of the best action games I've ever played and the two have different play styles. Grand Theft Auto V has multiple versions for both mobile phones and ios and computers, I downloaded the game in "kshareit", it's quite smooth, highly compatible with Red Dead 2 machines and games with nice graphics. . , a great story for thousands of likes for these two games
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My only issue with the game is that I seem to have to fiddle with all the graphics settings every time the game has an update. And sometimes I make a change and it either doesn't take or goes the opposite direction. (For instance, I wanted my textures at Medium, and upon restarting they were at Ultra.) But once I'm in the game, I'm happy. I had issues with multiplayer a while back, but multiplayer is super low on my list of "what makes for a great game."


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