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Ad blockers that accept money from companies to not block their ads are pointless. Its why I swapped to Ublock origin...
If you use chrome, you don't need to worry about that as Google won't let you use ad blockers... how are they supposed to keep making money if people can block ads...
Video Ripping software

I have a 2-300 discs in wallets here which I need to get digital while I still have a front-loading optical drive in my PC. Some might be CDs, but mostly DVDs I imagine—and shouldn't be any Blu-Ray. All videos, did my music years ago, desired output is standard MP4.

I haven't looked at ripping software in yonks, so what do you recommend as best for the job these days? Desired Quality = medium, 720p should do, 1080p nice [ie non-audio/videophile], Budget = free, OS = Win10, GPU = 1060.

Disc Image to Disk?

Is it possible to just copy the disc contents to HDD first, before ripping to MP4? I'm thinking work flow, that fiddling with each disc rip individually in optical drive would be time-intensive—whereas working from a HDD [ISO?] image should minimize seek, load and swap delays… possibly even be partially scriptable or operate in batch mode.

Tool List I have so far

List from years ago, plus look-around now:

Unless someone suggest otherwise, I expect best choice to be one of these 5:
Freemake Video Converter—fast, editor, free
WinX DVD Ripper—fast, free
Handbrake—big rep, complex, free
Shutter Encoder

Others as fyi for anyone interested in looking at more:
Aurora—Blu-ray only, ISO maker, free
Blu-ray Master Free DVD Ripper
CloneDVD and CloneBD—copy to ISO on HDD, dear
DVD Decrypter—zap restrictions, free
DVDFab—can extract audio-only, dear
Free DVD Ripper
VLC Player—slow, free
WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro—fast, not free
It might just be an update to win 11, is a better way to say it.

We don't know until June.

I thought you might need an AI chip to install it but as there are only about 9 of those in existence and they all for laptops, I may have been wrong... it happens sometimes. Requirements are as unclear as the name is.
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Wi-Fi Win11 WUpdate Woes

"problem does not seem to currently affect home wireless networks and regular internet usage"

"wireless networks with fast-transition/fast-roaming enabled"
So campuses—should also be airports, large apartment blocks, and similar large built areas people wander around in, I imagine.

no, i hide them under a blue rug

the red one not big enough.
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Reading a WinCen article re updated PC Manager app, I liked this comment from xd1936:

"Wow. This'll go great next to my Task Manager, Windows Security Center formerly Windows Defender, Settings app, Control Panel, Device Manager, msconfig System Configuration, Group Policy Editor, Disk Manager, Action Center, and Windows Copilot."

Poor chap forgot God Mode!


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