Random Game Thoughts Thread—March 19 - March 25

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Er… what did I just watch o_O

Thanks, I like those too. Only one I've noted so far is this video from 2017, haven't looked at his recs yet.

Oh just skimmed your PCG rec, it's a fine list divided into useful categories. A few notables:
♣ DEF_UI—UI is the one thing which could make me drop a game quickly, I'm just not big into devs disrespecting my time or patience. Even when that's not the case… eg in Civ4 I'd have dropped it after a year or so once the tedium outweighed the fun, if it wasn't for the BUG-BAT-BULL mods.
♦ Subway Runner—sounds like a good early strategic choice to clear a safe traversal route.

Do I need to visit bethesda.net or will Nexus do?

"Now when holding up a weapon with a scope you can see through it"
What? Seriously, I need a mod to see thru my scopes????? :unsure:

♥ Crossbows—oh yeah, of course. Amazed it didn't exist in game, hope there are bows.

"watching slowly-appearing text crawl across the hundreds of different terminals"
Dev school needs to have a compulsory Get Spanked module, where players who've been disrespected are invited in to return the favor :rolleyes:

"consume something right off the table, shelf, or floor"
Having to search inventory for the cashew you just picked up is just… well, nuts.

"fully shows your options in conversations"
The vague suggestion of what you'll say seems a very poor design choice—I have to assume dumb, rather than deliberate 'Let's mess 'em up'.

Noted. Found the BCR on Nexus.

Good word, adds to the experience for me too :)

Yes, looks better—series noted.

Noted, I'll try without first to see if the mechanic appeals or frustrates.

Yeah, that's why I generally avoid Collections too. I installed Spud's '~30 essential mods pack' when starting Civ6, but found after a while I only wanted a few of 'em.

That's a real shame. Mods were getting easier recently, to the extend that non-techies mightn't be intimidated, so this fracturing is a real backward step. I applaud the intent, but the downsides you mention are too big a price to pay, and actively work against the main intent. Let's hope they change, cos Nexus is/has been a great resource and service.

I think I'll spin the FO4 posts off into another 'Muddling Thru' thread like I did for Far Cry 6, it would be a shame to lose and scatter the good info as time goes by. Shooter or RPG forum? :)
Personally, I'd put it in shooter.
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I played a bit more of Warhammer 40,000: Gladius - Relics of War. Just slowly advancing and I've started taking out some Necron cities near me, without much trouble.

I don't see myself replaying this once I've tried all the factions, there's not enough depth for that, but one thing it is amazing at is loading the game. It takes only about a single second from the moment you click "continue" on the main menu until the game is ready to go.
Normally i'm a patient person but the lack of response from all parties has annoyed me and frankly its faster just to buy a PSU and wait for warranty to obtain my replacement and have it fixed ready by saturday and carry on as normal. I rather have the problem what to do with a spare PSU then waiting and wondering whether my replacement psu will arrive (if at all). But more importantly i'm impatient to find out if any other part of the pc is damaged or i can carry on with my life.

I've tried calling corsair help desk number but it just says there are no available agents and hangs up. Plus no responses from email chases.

Its kinda sad and disappointed as well really. I probably have the will power/ option to wait and i'm not short on entertainment (my 3ds/vita/raspberry pi, youtube etc) but having no pc seems to have disrupted my routine and i just don't feel like doing anything...
So this is a new article on PCG:

There is an EXACT similar situation going on about 10 minutes from where i live. There was an abandoned plant around here that has been turned into a crypto-mining facility too and the residents around there are complaining and filing complaints with NY state in a similar fashion. Every time ive driven by there i havent heard the loud noise of whirling gpus and stuff but its still a point of contention to those living right near it.

Local news about it:



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am I the only one who thinks he's talking some kind of nonsense?
If you are, then it's meta nonsense . Completely different stuff. Ask Facebook, they'll back me up.

So, for the last week, I've been playing X4 Foundations. Playing it pretty hard, given I couldn't get online to talk to y'awl. Mass Effect 2 took a break. I doubt it can run without Origin being able to connect to the internet. Plus, X4 has ahold of me again, so I didn't even try Mass Effect. I really love my X4!
I finished my first Warhammer 40,000: Gladius - Relics of War (this title is too long) campaign with the Space Marines. I actually won it twice, first by destroying all the AI players and then I chose to keep playing and finished all the quests, which also wins you the game. The quests are nice if you prefer to turtle, as at the end you get a McGuffin you need to protect for about 20 turns while enemies spawn in and attack you.

many thanks. Truth be told i'm kinda cautious now. I worry its just going to blow up again. Paranoia is very high atm and my mind is thinking whether it was the PSU that was causing the issues all along or whether the Wall socket is also a factor. I've been using those sockets for a while and nothing has happened, no scortch marks, burning electrical smells etc. But we'll see... What i don't want to happen is 3 years down the line it happens again.

Still back to drawing. getting some of the rim lighting sorted out and making adjustments here and there.


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Do you know how Microsoft could make all of our lives easier? Add an empty file folder in Documents called "Game Saves". That's all they would have to do. Most developers would start using it, I think.
Don't get me started!!! Oh, too late...

Back in days of yore we saved to floppy disks because home PCs didn't have hard drives. After that, games just put the saves inside the same directory that had the game itself. Then Microsoft decided saving to the same place as binaries was a Very Bad Thing and gave us the Program Files directory. Then.... it got extremely messy.

See this topic for a list of common places on the hard drive now.
(Or your saves can be saved in "the cloud" - i.e. some server somewhere)
Far Cry 6

I didn't bother chasing the Triada Supremo this playthru as I was quite underwhelmed with it last time. But I'm out of things to do apart from story missions, and it looks like I will need the Amigo Oluso, a sort of ghost panther who makes bodies disappear after a kill—a trait which looks necessary in the urban environments to avoid alerting patrols who stumble across corpses.

Oluso is another reward for the Triada mission, which I had most of complete just from general map exploration, so easy to pick up. Who's a cool cat?

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