Quiz: Name that movie

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Another week, another pic—since it's pretty definite all of you will have seen it, this should do it:

The Lawnmower Man
And now y'all know what an Irishman looks like when fried.

My guess is Valley of the Dolls.
ETA: Hang on—it's been a book, a movie, a TV show and a song… but never a game. C'mon EA, an existing franchise waiting to be milked—someone needs to be fired!

ETA2: Hang on, we're in the movie thread, not the game one—you just left the game one, idiot!
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Throwing in an extra clue: In the first picture I posted, there are a lot of dolls both outside and inside boxes. If you look closer at the picture while holding the CTRL key and scroll up/down in Blade Runner style, you might be able to see something "hidden".
Heathers? No, and while the movie got some spirit in it, It is definitely not Saint Nick. I just googled Christian Slater (since you mentioned Heathers) and it seems there might be another Young Guns movie!

As for the absolute final hint, which also includes dolls:
Last few hints: The movie was made a few years later than The Stuff. Both are from the '80s. Kevin Dillon plays one of the main roles, the same guy from the Platoon movie where he starred as "Bunny". Here is a fun quote from the movie: Meg Penny: "The front door is locked". Brian Flagg: [picks up a brick] "That's okay, I got a key." Last hint: The stuntman who played a wounded soldier in the movie goes by the name of Noble Craig. He is actually a Vietnam war veteran who lost both legs, an arm, and most of the sight in his right eye. Talk about turning things around!
May 11, 2022

Here's an easy one. Great film.

I used to watch films by great directors because again they are works of art, but I also enjoyed the Bourne series.
Maybe they remind me of gaming, the protagonist starts off clueless but when required to, switches to combat/spy specialist on a mission.


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