Quiz: Name that movie

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@mainer Yeah, I was thinking of the correct one, but the background picture with "All bets are off" made me change my mind right after I posted it and go for Lock Stock instead since they had a scene with poker in that movie.
That "All Bets are Off" sign was associated with illegal boxing matches which were a big part of the movie, and even though Jason Stratham was in it, he never threw a punch (or kick). I really liked Brad Pitt in this movie a lot better than some of those "AAA" movies he's done.

Anyway, you were correct in your first guess, the movie was Snatch from 2000, so it's your turn.

For any interested here's a short trailer of Snatch:
View: https://youtu.be/9Jar2XkBboo
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@COLGeek - That's the one! This was one of the best movies I've watched in awhile. Violent at times, gut-wrenching at others, but the acting I felt was excellent. The movie felt very relevant to our current world situation.

And the actress, Clare-Hope Ashitey, was just incredible:


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