Quiz: Name that movie

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This movie is a bit on the strange side:

It's not Doctor Sleep, but both movies would probably be considered to be in that "supernatural horror" genre. When I first saw the scene from which the image was taken, I immediately had flashbacks to the Overlook Hotel, albeit a bit more grungy looking.
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The Wallpaper From Hell?

It reminded me of an old apartment that I moved into years & years ago, that had kind of weird, slightly warped walls and 1920ish, garish maroon wallpaper, accented by door frames and molding that had thick glossy paint that looked like it had been applied at least 12 times. It took weeks redecorating that one.
I haven't watched City of lost children yet (i'll make sure I do this weekend) but really enjoyed Amelie, Alien Resurrection get's a lot of bad press but I kinda liked it.
It was weird and kinda gross but in a good way, that scene with all the ripley clones was great.

And I think you made that one a bit too easy because it looks like 'The Game' to me
City of Lost Children was my favourite of theirs, but I haven't seen those movies in 15 years probably. DVD's are still somewhere. On that note I haven't seen Alien Resurrection since probably 1998.

Having streaming services as only source of movies sucks in a lot of ways. Dont get to see anything much different anymore.

Anyway, yea its The Game! Back to you.
Plus the amount of streaming services make it annoying since the cost of all can really add up.
I recently used the free trial of Prime because I wanted to watch Lexx and the last time I used the trial they had Lexx free on prime, seemed they suddently changed them to 99p per episode in my time away. Proper annoying.

Oddly enough this next film has a connection to Alien Resurrection. I'm sure someone will guess it quite easily.