Quiz: Name that movie

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I thought it was the worst of the 3 Cornettos, but I still enjoyed it. I dont have time to find a good one right now, so please @mainer continue :)
I'm sorry Kaamos, I was going through posts yesterday evening and I didn't read the spoiler you had posted. So you officially won by getting the title. I was just going too fast and said, "Oh, I know that movie", without thinking (as I'm wont to do at times). I can still post a movie if you don't have time.
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From 2015:

It is! Dead Rising: Watchtower. Kind of a semi-comedy zombie flick, not terrible, not great, but can be a fun movie to watch in the right circumstances. Don't know how closely it follows any of the games in the Dead Rising series, as I've never played them.
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