Quiz: Name that movie

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@FreezerBurn I've tried to watch it several times over the years, but either fell asleep, or turned it off. Directed by our favorite games-to-movies director: Uwe Boll. If there's a 10 worst list of games-to-movies movies somewhere, this one is surely a candidate.

I've had the same experience, tried to watch it multiple times and somehow blanked the whole thing, and I have a pretty high tolerance for fantasy/scifi/video game dross stories.

I think any 'bottom 10' list would need to put a 'one entry per director' limit in or Uwe movies would dominate the list. OH! Look at who's in that film! Burt Reynolds? John Rhys-Davis!?
Also Ray Liotta and Ron Perlman. Its got the lowest Rotten Tomatoes rating I've ever seen, and they made a sequel starring Dolph Lundgren. Who is it that Uwe Boll knows something about to keep getting these made?
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