Quiz: Name that movie

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Apparently GIFs do work. MP4s don't.
Yes! I'm not sure why I thought of it, I don't remember any of the plot. Perhaps it's because I saw it in cinema, so it left at least somewhat of an impression.

It was many years ago when I saw that movie, and the only thing that really stuck in my brain was that scorpion battle for some reason. That godzilla-like monster doesn't even ring a bell. I think there was a remake of that movie around 2018 or 2019, but I never watched that one.

I'll try to find a movie tonight or tomorrow (we're supposed to get snow/rain here for the next 2 days), and I'll make sure I'm in full screen so as not to reveal the title:).
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Sorry it took so long my friends, I'll start off with the following shot, I'll add more later it none of you recognize it. It's a movie most folks here have probably heard about, if not watched (or tried too).

@FreezerBurn - Close enough. The actual movie title is: In the Name of the King, a Dungeon Siege Tale, staring Jason Stratham. Loosely based on a really great game from 2002, Dungeon Siege. I thought it was a great ARPG that had absolutely no load screens and your party could travel seamlessly from outdoor maps to indoor, and vice versa.

Unfortunately, the movie didn't even come close. I've tried to watch it several times over the years, but either fell asleep, or turned it off. Directed by our favorite games-to-movies director: Uwe Boll. If there's a 10 worst list of games-to-movies movies somewhere, this one is surely a candidate.


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