Question Question regarding "new" fan

Sep 25, 2021
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Hello, I recently bought a ryzen 3700x, and upon purchase the seller did not hand me the AMD fan that was suppossed to go with it.
I made a claim to get it and because I'm a bit mistrustful of this person I'm unsure if (out of spite) they handed me an already used fan.

Im very new to this whole PC gamer world so please have patience with me! I'm trying my best to learn.

The reason I believe the fan is used its because it has what seems to be thermic paste on the base (that's what I guess it is because the texture seems sticky)
This fan should have a clean metallic base, right? It has probably been installed on another PC already? Or do they normally come with this look? Im sorry if its a dumb question.

I attach a picture of my fan and a spec-picture I found on google.

My fan, it is a wraith prism rgb:


The fan picture I found on google: