Problem trying to install The Outer Worlds from MS Store

Hi, Im a 67 year old gamer and have a Samsung Evo 250GB ssd drive split into two partitions, "C" (Windows 10 on it) size is 123GB with 18.4GB free space and "E" - size is 109GB with 81.6GB free, on this drive I have Adobe products and my Steam library.I also have 2 Maxtor 1TB disc drives with my photos on them.

Today I bought The Outer Worlds (about 45GB I think) from the Microsoft store (the first time I have used them) and was not given a location drive to install it to. A minute into downloading I got a message saying not enough space etc. - as it was trying to put it into "C" drive.

I changed the download location in Windows 10 storage to "E" but it didnt seem to make any difference.Got a refund from MS store.

Im not sure that if I buy it again it will be put onto "E" so I thought I would like to go back to one partition if possible but without losing stuff off "E" and having to reinstall it all.
Can the drives be merged back easily without dedicated software or should I bite the bullet and hope that Windows Store now will now install it to "E" drive?
One solution is to not buy from the MS Store.

if you're fairly confident you'll be keeping the game and won't need a refund, you get it half the price on Humble or WinGameStore

NB: If you've not used this kind of games store before, refunds work differently from storefronts like Steam and the MS Store.
Usually you get given a key to activate on the a given game client - in this case the Epic launcher, which is at least less of a pest than the Windows Store. Because you get given a key to activate, once you are given the key you can't get a refund if you just don't like the game - though refunds may still be possible if some technical issue prevents you from being able to run the game.

Basically as long as you're sure you want to play the game, it's not an issue.

If you want to get it via the MS Store, you can change where 'apps' are downloaded to in Windows settings:

To do that, go to Settings > System > Storage. Under the “Save locations” heading there is an option titled “New apps will save to:”.

In mine it's under "Change where new content is saved".

Or is that what you did already?
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Thanks for the swift reply Oussebon, yes thats what I did.
It was half price on MS Store - £24.99.

Ive got a Steam account but have been waiting for it to be available from them.Ive never used the two sites you mention, do you know if they are are they reliable?

Also does it stay in a Library as on Steam so you can keep going back to the game if you feel like?

Thanks again.
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I just checked on the MS store and it looked like it was full price. Even if it's half price on the Windows Store, at least it's no more expensive on Humble.

They are both reliable stores. They are neither grey market nor otherwise dodgy. Humble is one of the major game storefronts on the web, their 'thing' being that they offer bundles of games and you can pick how much money goes to them, the developers, or charity. Most of my game purchases are either from them or Fanatical. I've used WinGameStore too a few times and it's been fine.

Any store listed on (which I linked above) is a legit store.

And as with any purchase online, always use Paypal or a credit card (i.e. something with buyer protection) rather than a debit card if at all possible. :) But I've never had to open a Paypal dispute with Humble or any of the game stores I've bought from.

The Outer Worlds on Humble is provided via an Epic Games key, so it's not in your Steam library but rather on your Epic library. It functions like you say, i.e. you download and install the game (being able to pick the location...) and play it. You just launch the game from the library when you want to play it. If you uninstall it you can redownload it from your library at any time

If you want to see what Epic is like, make an account and download the client.

They give away free games each week (this week is the 2016 Hitman reboot and the Shadowrun collection)

So you can claim those titles, and see for yourself the process of installing. (You can of course cancel the installation).
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Thanks Oussebon,
Excellent advice ,helpful and informative, I will download the Epic client and have a nosey.

It was last Sunday when I saw the OWs on the MS store and it was short term offer, after having the install prob I put a message on Tom's Hardware but still haven't received a reply so joined pc gamers and put it on here.
Wish I hadnt seen that offer!

Yesterday I was deleting/moving stuff prior to re-installing Windows 10 and also adding a new 1TB SSD. Just had a Windows notification that my C Drive is nearly full, if anything my free space should have increased but its shrunk by nearly 40GB.

TreeSize tells me that i now have a 37.3GB file in C:\Program Files\WindowsApps\MSIXVC called

After Googling I found this ""

As I'm going for a very late Spring clean etc for my pc in the next few days I'll probably leave this and presume it will be all sorted out "in the wash".

I will not be using MS store for games again.

God bless Steam and all who sail in her.
l couldn't resist trying to get the space back.

I used TreeSizeFree in Admin mode and discovered a file in Program files\WindowsApps\MSIXVC that was 34Gb or so large, in there were three files one of which was about 34Gig named
8BBF2763-A1C6-4F1B-96CA-B79DD5FDA4EE which I could not delete.

Googling the file name I found similar posts from users whose drive space had shrunk and it seems it is space reserved by Windows Store for the game.

Went back into the Windows store and saw that The Outer Worlds was 11GB into a 34GB download, I let it finish then was able to delete it from inside Windows Store and reclaim the space (but not before I had tried to play the game for nothing haha which it would not do).
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