Popular Music with Attitude.

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I'm really enjoying these Boiler Room sets. You see the DJ doing their stuff and all the crowd enjoying it and dancing to the tunes. It's great when the DJ gets moving too.

Also just like with the Yes Theory YT channel, you realise that the image you are given of many countries represents only 0.0001% of reality.

Here's the Jordanian tech/house DJ Sama Abdulhadi playing a set in Palestine>

View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x9VYKrtziSg&ab_channel=BoilerRoom
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@ipman It is fascinating to watch everyone moving with their own rhythm. Like nobody could say you can't dance because there is no best way to do it. I mean, there are probably smarter ways to dance and not give yourself too much attention like if you were to start flapping your arms around like crazy, but I can't see many people looking around and judging others.

Ha ha, I just noticed a comment on another Boiler Room video. Some say they are brother and sister, so perhaps that is the reason for the similar movement. Just thought it was really cool!
View: https://youtu.be/bk6Xst6euQk?t=1682
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@Frindis I also watched that Solomun set the other night, slightly more laid back. It also lead me to his label Diynamic and their dj/producers.

I remember being at a 'rave party' one night but sitting high up, watching the dancing and the way they moved and moved around each other it just struck me as tribal.

You can see the dancers in real life and in those vids, checking each other out and their moves. Often when the DJ starts off moving, it inspires others. I just enjoy being lazy, and imagining I'm at the party.


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If you want attitude? Just ask any neighborhood teenager, I'm sure they could provide a free sample. Or, if you would like it a little more... primal, explain to a three year old that it's nap time. That's some pure attitude right there - no tainting from learned experience! ;)
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I love the range of tracks on this thread and sometimes I use it like a playlist.

@Zloth There are certain singers like Ella, Frank, Billie, Dean, Nat, it's almost like they just open their mouths and songs flow out like honey.

I also listened to a couple of duets after Tony Bennett; Lady Gaga and Amy Winehouse, powerful voices(and Amy said that before the duet she was nervous her voice wasn't up to it).

View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QY76uCN-HSA&ab_channel=OrangeJuice
Highs of over 100 degrees (38C) for us until Friday.
We've got the opposite here. Mainly it seems to rain most of the summer with warm interludes. While thankfully it hasn't been too much and burning like we see in Europe, US and Canada.

I remember a story by Faulkner about a US state that was always underwater, so shepherds hunting their sheep underwater meant they both started to become amphibious.

Humans and life will adapt to any environment.

The silly but fun Salmon Dance by the Chemical brothers.

View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dDj7DuHVV9E&ab_channel=ChemicalBrothersVEVO
^ I think we have a similar definition of 'attitude'.

That's one thing that pees me off about say hearing rap on the radio, they take out the attitude from Kendrick or Tupac. Expletives are just expressive language and games thankfully don't censor them.

I'd be expressive if someone was shooting a shotgun at me or a hoarde was about to eat me.

Enjoying some Warren G 'Regulate' and Morrissey in his home city.

View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V-8AR7XQ2K4&ab_channel=Andrew
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It's great overall (although the titty rub line is a bit too crude for my taste) but it's the use of the brass instruments throughout that really hits it out of the park for me. Can loop it for ages.
It's great overall (although the titty rub line is a bit too crude for my taste) but it's the use of the brass instruments throughout that really hits it out of the park for me. Can loop it for ages.
I tend to focus on lyrics(he mentions Tomb Raider), but yes that brass and bass really drive it.

I tend to see the humour in rap tunes, but yes there is often a macho element which is part of the culture.

Some people had a problem with Eminem but I just found him funny.


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