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OK, I've got a tough, niche case here.

For the past three years I've been sharing the joy of gaming with my wife, by playing games on our TV via an Nvidia Shield. We live in a small 'open space' apartment where the TV is in the same room as the PC. I've been using the 2016 Razer Turret as my lapboard. At short range (it's literally 2-3 feet from the TV) it works pretty damn well. (On the 2.4 Ghz wireless band.)

I can also connect the Turret directly to the Shield via BT, but the lag is horrendous at the same distance, making even narrative/cinematic games borderline unplayable. Needless to say, connecting XB1 controllers to the Shield via BT works like a charm, but that was a given.

Here's my question : We are finally moving into a real home with actual rooms. If possible, I'd like to continue this fine gaming tradition. My PC will be in my office, a good 20 feet (and couple of walls away) so I'm pretty certain that my 2016 Turret will be useless.

Does anyone have good experience with a more recent gaming lapboard? Is there anything that actually WORKS on BT? Doesn't need to be anything hyper-accurate (We strictly play single player, narrative or open-world/action RPG's for the pretty scenery and giggles) as long as I can still use M & K to game on the TV.

Many thanks for your time!
Heh, that's the updated version of the Turret, but my issue is with the connectivity. Essentially, I need a solution that either has responsive BT when directly connected to the Shield or something whose 2.4Ghz range is good enough to penetrate a couple of walls and function well at 20-30ft.

It really is a hell of a niche question, if any forum has the answer, it'll be this one!
Unfortunately, it's not a matter of boosting the BT signal. The old Turret (2016) is next to the Shield so it pairs via BT with the minimum possible distance. The lag is more of a 'best case scenario, this is how BT on the '16 Turret works'.

I will have Wi-Fi Mesh devices that might amplify the 2.4Ghz signal anyhow but I'm not counting on it.
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I cannot believe what a cretin I've been.

I simply had to remove the tiny 2.4Ghz dongle from the range extender (USB connector) and plug it directly into the Shield TV's USB port. The '16 Turret is not 'officially' recognized, nor does it show up under the device's 'Connected Accessories' list but it works like a charm with no lag.
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