not sure how to upgrade this PC

Apr 15, 2023
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Hi there.

Right now I got the following Setup:
CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 2600
RAM: 32GB (forgot what kind exactly)
Power supply: 550 Watt Seasonic FOCUS Plus Modular 80+ Platinum
Mainboard: MSI Tomahawk B450
Case: be quiet! Silent Base 601 Midi Tower
Graphics card: MSI 4GB D5 GTX 1650 4GT OC LP (my RTX 2070 broke more than a year ago, and since I didn't want to buy a good card for the then insane prices I went with this as a cheap replacement until affordable graphics cards become available again)
Monitors: I got an ultrawide and a smaller 4k

The more demanding games I play (or want to play once I got a decent graphics card again) are MS Flight Simulator, Doom Eternal, Elden Ring and Cities Skylines (and maybe Warhammer Total War 3 or Vermintide Darktide or what it was called). I don't count frames and playing with a lot of details is fun but I don't always need to max out everything.

I thought about getting an RTX 4070, as that seems to be a decent upgrade, though it also seems that I then need a more powerful power supply. I mean, the rest of the system is a bit older, so a 4070 could be a waste? I've read that 4070 is aimed at 1440p, but a 4070 TI is just too expensive for my taste, so I'd rather get rid of some details than pay that amount of money.

Does just getting a new power supply and a 4070 make sense, or wouldn't that work well with the CPU or whatnot, and I just need to update everything?

Thanks forany advice
4070 is more a 1440p GPU from the reviews I have watched. Its slower in a lot of games compared to the 7900 XT and that is not a 4k GPU either. Not sure about 4070 TI either. Guess it depends on what details you want to play at. I don't expect ultra but nice frame rate is good to have.

I had a 4k monitor on a GTX 980, it wasn't ready for it.

4070 Power requirements are pretty low. Your current PSU is actually right on target -

Upgrading everything would result in better performance obviously. I don't know how well the CPU will go with the GPU.

why not upgrade CPU to a 5800x3d, that would suit the GPU way better - I am thinking of doing that myself, currently on a 3600xt
Board supports it with a bios update -
up until recently it was best AMD gaming CPU.

CPU does use a little more power than you have but if you were already thinking PSU, its another reason to get it. 550watts might still be enough. the 4070 doesn't pull a lot of power at idle.

looking on the Corsair PSU calc - - they don't have the 4070 yet but your case and a 5800x3d and a 4070 TI is recommended a 650watt (although it was a custom Gigabyte card, so power consumption of lower speed cards could be lower. The Founders Edition has really lower power draw, the custom cards use more because of more fans and rgb)
TI uses 50 watt more so perhaps a 650watt is what you need too... wiggle room is always nice to have.
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I second the 5800X3d recommendation. I'd personally be quite happy running a 4070 and that chip on a 550 Watt PSU of the quality you have. (Links to power consumption figures. Under full stress which would be rare while gaming you'd be talking about 400 watts for CPU and GPU. Leaving 150 W for everything else. Plenty more than enough.)

A 4070 would be a huge upgrade graphics wise even with your current CPU. You could just go for that and upgrade CPU later if you didnt feel you were getting enough out of the GPU upgrade.
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