Question New to pc building, are these parts any good?

Dec 19, 2023
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building a gaming pc and I'm wondering if these parts are any good. (keep in mind im only trying to play esports titles.)
Power supply: corsair cx 750m
Graphics Card: sapphire Radeon r7 360 2gb
CPU: AMD Ryzen 3 4100
fans: artic f14 fans
SSD: m.2 Sata 3 SSD
ram: G-skills 16gb

remember, im only trying to play esports titles.
You've not specified a motherboard or case here. If you can give us an idea of budget and country we can have a look to see if you could get a better system.

gives you a rough idea of how well this nearly 9 year old GPU performs. Fortnite averages 49.1 FPS on 1080p submitted results.

I'd say you basically need a much better and more modern GPU. Even a slightly old 6600 can be had for around £200 in the UK. A R7-360 doesn't even show any for sale on

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