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Mar 20, 2021
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My old iiyama Prolite E2607WS is finally kaput & i need a new monitor asap.. I'm pretty clueless to be quite honest and have taken a break from the shop. I'm looking for something around 2560 x 1440 res, low response time, not really bothered about any built-in speakers (but if they are any good!) & any extra bells and whistles incl.. problem is I've no more than around £300 to spend and would be extremely grateful for any advice here at all.. thanks for listening!
I haven't been looking into monitors that much recently, but a site that I check out reviews on when I'm looking recommends this one for a little over your budget.

I recommend that you look at some monitor specialist sites like RTings, Display Ninja, TFT Central or the Hardware Unboxed Youtube channel that do proper tests on things like response times at different refresh rates. You dont need to understand all of the details but I put my trust in sites that do tests using proper equipment, that also test many different models to compare directly to each other.


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