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Nov 27, 2022
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Hello, I am currently looking to get a new gaming computer. I have found a few online and I was wondering which one you all recommend or if there is a better cyber monday deal out there aside from what I have posted. Also in general which is better for gaming Nvidia or AMD? I have personally always went with intel/Nvidia PC but that's just what I am used to.

My current computer has the GTX 1070 and Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-7700 CPU, how big of an upgrade would these be for me?

This following comes at a big discount and from what I see the only downside is difficulty in upgrading the PC but I do not mind that.

This one is recommended on a PC Gamer Article.

Dec 13, 2021
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The i7 is a slightly better processor

But the truth is neither CPU will hamper games once you turn up the settings to any great degree. Modern games are GPU limited in most use cases, and those that aren't are usually pumping out enough FPS that even they won't be affected too much. So both having a RTX 3070 makes those specs a wash. As for anything else, they both use the same type of SSD and RAM, so it's a total toss up there too. If everything is of the same quality level then the only real difference IMHO is that one is 50 bucks more, lol.
So either one should work just fine for you, well except for one thing... Both come with Windows 11 and the i7 has to have it due to its architecture, but the Ryzen can run Windows 10... if that's important to you.


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