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Mar 22, 2020
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Hey all,
I'm trying to figure out putting wifi extenders in my house: one on my second floor for my PC and one in my basement for my XBox One. I'm on something of a budget, and I wanted to know if there were any golden rules you all tend to follow when looking at extender options.
Are you only looking at wifi range extenders, or potentially instead powerline / homeplugs or a mesh system?

I can't comment in detail on any of the solutions as it's not something I'm familiar with in detail, other than to suggest if you'd not look at those as options, it would be worth doing so to see what best meets your needs :)
That's my suspicion too.

Depends a little on the home's wiring of course. I've seen powerline adapters give about 1.5MB/s transfer speed for single, large files - slower even than the garbage wifi in the same home when tested. Perhaps because the house was wired in the days when sharpened flint was bleeding edge technology(?).
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