Question Need advice on an old laptop

Jul 28, 2022
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I have a Alienware R15 R2 that was refurbished in 2016, its currently struggling to do anything at all and I am wondering if its worth it to look at getting it refurbished again so it runs or would it be cheaper to just get a new laptop.
Otherwise it's just a large paper weight.
Just as a FYI, there is a issue with the Charger as apparently it can't tell if the charger is real or not or something like that. The battery was also removed from it. I have tried resetting it but that hasn't helped
What are your goals if you want to refurbish it again, like what do you want to use it for?
also, what are the current components sitting in the laptop now if it's been already refurbished before?

If you want some suggestions there needs to be a comparison first.

also a new laptop *might be cheaper, but still it depends of what kind of work you want out of your laptop, if it's for work or gaming etc. or just as a secondary backup laptop now. 😉
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